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    Where is the best place to get a good price for a Treo 270 for use on the AT&T network?
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    I bought mine brand new on eBay for half-price with all the accesories.
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    Try Amazon
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    Hello I´m a treo user for about 10 month and I have my 6th treo till today. If you bought a treo than ask the vendor If he have a good guarantee process because you have to send the treo back.
    At the first time I bought a treo 180 then the lid was struggling around... i send it back 4 days later i get the 2nd treo .... after the update the treo "getting crazy" ... i send it back ... then after 4 days i got my 3th treo... then I sold it and bought a treo270. Ok ... my 1st treo270 comes... I send it back because the lid is struggling around... after 4 days i got my 2nd treo270... the hotsync doesn´t work... and now I have my 3rd treo270 and overall my 6th treo.
    A friend have at this time his 3rd treo. You see treo´s are the perfect solution but you can calculate that not the first treo that you buy is the perfect treo ... and now I wish you good luck ... mabye you have good luck and the first treo works :-)

    sorry for the bad english ;-)
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    Yeah Im on about my 6th too. Thats why I bought mine from Best Buy and paid extra for the 3 yr replacement agreement. The 30/60 (cant remember) day thing from Handspring just does not cut it for a product this expensive AND this finicky.
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    I've only had one Treo and it's worked fine. My Visor was good on the first one too. Odd that others can have to return so many.
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    We have three Treo's. All three have been relaced at least once.

    I've last track of how many we've had altogether.

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    Bob C Im going to get you to purchase mine next time. I had about 3 180's and 3 270's. I ended up keeping the 270 I had a screen problem with as the replacements they sent that were supposedly brand new were in much worse shape than what I had (loose Sim card doors etc). Go figure. I just cant believe they got away with this. There should be a lemon law for electronics because they sold a BUNCH. This has got to be the most troublesomed device ever created.

    Great concept, terrible execution. Maybe the 6 months from design to manufacture has something to do with it but anyway...
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    The SIMM door is a joke. Mount the SIMM on the door? And then snap it to the device. Very poor design. Two of the many many Treo's we sent back had this problem.

    The rest of the device is awesome. I think we (on this board) complain a lot, but really we are the beta testers for not only this device, but this class of device in hte US. There is nothing else like it on the Palm or PPC platforms. Everyone else is just now coming to market.

    I hope Handspring is reading every single post on this board, and feeding this into their design program for the next generation of Treo, which they better launch pretty soon, or else everyone else (Kyocera, SonyEriccson, Motorola, Samsung) is going to leap frog right past them.


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