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    So I was browsing, and I stumbled across a new browser that touts itself as a Blazer replacement:

    "Tired of how slow, unstable, and bulky Handspring Blazer is? Maybe it's time to browse smarter. Maybe it's time to get Netspring PLUS!"

    "ALL NEW! NETSPRING PLATINUM! Netspring Platinum gives you the BEST browsing features of a mobile browser! It also features improved features, better accessability, and more, so Upgrade your browsing experience to Netspring platinum today! It's 100% Free!"

    Anyone have any experience with the software? It was posted on Nov 7, 2002. It sounds like it deals with alot of sponsored content. Wonder how it works with standard browsing, Hotmail, etc.

    And no, I don't have a vested interest in promoting them - just curious about how it fares against Blazer of Xiino! :-)
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    I'm gonna let someone else try it and let us know, but I downloaded the zip and it's a pqa file. That would explain why it's supposedly faster than Blazer!
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    The information for Netspring says that it requires Palm OS 4.0, but the Netspring Express PQA is for older, Palm OS 3.5 devices.

    After downloading the zip file, I now see that all of the included executables are PQAs. If I get around to installing the necessary support files on my 300, I will try it out.

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    I get a FFE2 error when I run the app after installing it. Any ideas?

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