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    Doe anyone use an overclocking hack, such as afterburner, with the Treo 300? Will it crash the phone functionality?
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    I currently have installed FastCPU. Im running everything at 46 Mhz and things seem to launch a bit faster and respond better. I havent had any system crashes.
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    Been running at 46 for a few hours now... works great... significant difference. Any dangers to overclocking?
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    I experimented with the latest version of Afterburner for a few days, on my Treo 300. I don't recommend it. Too many crashes.

    Too bad, because it really speeded up Blazer.

    Please let us know how FastCPU works in the long run.
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    I've been using FastCPU for about two weeks and have had absolutely no problem. I don't clock the phone.

    The extra speed is nice.
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    I've been using it a lot over the past 2 days... it still works fine. The only glitch, and I've not spent much time tracking down the problem, is that I couldn't do a infrared hotsynch. I've not had a single crash though and no other problems to report.
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    Hmm, I tried FastCPU and I kept having problems with Blazer no longer being able to access pages after the first couple. I'd have to disconnect and reconnect to get another couple pages.

    It's possible this was a temporary Sprint service problem.. after about an hour of the problem though, I disabled FastCPU and I haven't had the problem since.

    I'll probably give it another go later today..
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    I have tried FastCPU at 46 and found that it works fine EXCEPT for the Vision enabled programs such as Blazer, Eudora and Xiino. Those would not connect unless I changed their clock speed to normal 33. Are others not having a problem with this? Any suggestions around it?


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