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    Is there a VPN that runs on the TREO 300.
    Mergic says it does not support the 300 in their documentation.
    I want to access my PC at home while mobile.

    Any Suggestions. does not work either.

    Please HELP.

    Thank YOU.
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    I read somewhere on this board that there is a Palm version of VNC. It's not VPN, but it would probably do what you need
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    Yea I use palmVNC and it works great.
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    does palmVNC work with corporate intranets?
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    It does for me, but I happen to know that we have port 5900 open in our firewall because we use VNC widely.
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    1. do you need to have vnc running on the corporate intranet?

    2. do you have a link to palmvnc?
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    Win-Hand also works on the Treo. It wasn't as easy to set-up (for me anyway) as PalmVNC. It also isn't free (if you want security).

    Here's a link to try it...

    PalmVNC's link is
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    You have to have the version of VNC server that comes with PalmVNC (it supports scaling the screen to different pixel resolutions, which is done on the server side) installed on the computer that you wish to control.

    You also need to forward a port (generally 5900, but you can change it) from your company's firewall to the computer you wish to control. (There may be a workaround to this involving a java forwarder, but I don't know how that works or whether it works with PalmVNC.)

    BTW I use PalmVNC; it works but of course it's like trying to look at your monitor through a keyhole. :-)

    I'm about to try the other product mentioned above, because it claims to be much faster.

    Oh, and finally btw I'm waiting for Mergic to add 300 compatability, it can be used to transmit PalmVNC data in an encrypted form.
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