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    I have had 3 180g's and ALL have developed the same problem which is a misalignment of the silkscreen area that has appeared after a few weeks of use.

    Clicking where the alpha keyboard symbol is brings up a menu and one has to click about 3mm right of the icon to get that keyboard. Similarly on the right, clicking on the numeric keyboard spot brings up "Find". A vertical stroke just to the left of the divide between alpha and numeric graffiti areas produces a "1" instead of an "i".

    This problem remains after careful recalibraiting the digitizer and after soft and hard resets.

    I am posting this now because my latest replacement in fact has this problem on delivery! It seems to be endemic in this model. You may find you have it - the main immediate symptom is that one makes many graffiti errors and only careful checking shows the underlying problem.

    Does ANYBODY know anything about this - Handspring Support are cagey and say that perhaps it is a problem with some units.

    I have taken the liberty of reposting here an excellent picture produced by ErnstB who had this problem (only once I think) and posted about it on this forum a couple of months ago.
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    i had two 180 g's and they both have the displaced-graffiti-silkscreen-bug and i have learnt to live with it, like i have also learnt to live with a dead speakerphone. sending treos for repairs doesn#t help because as i have experienced and as have so many others, the new ones succumb to similar or other problems. lets see when the problems stop and of how much use the treo is when all the potential problems have befallen my beloved 180g. i really like my treo despite all its problems but i am not impressed by the way handspring responds (or doesn't respond) to complaints. i know that handspring is aware of the faults, they just don't want to admit them, a fact which i am a bit sad about.
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    I'm glad it's not just me that's aware of this problem. Handspring support are apparently amazed that I should have had this problem on four 180g's and are sending me a fifth.

    Unfortunately, one can't just wait and upgrade to something without the defect because I gather Handspring are abandoning Graffiti versions. This seems a great shame to me since keyboards are fundamentally flawed: you need a stylus to do other things and then where do you put the stylus when you are typing? What surprises me is that they are doing this at a time when real handwriting recognition is almost working sensibly - I would have thought that was the obvious next step rather than reverting to old technology.
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    yes, it is very sad that graffiti is dying out. i plan to get myself a new 180g just before they are out of market and preserve and use it carefully and keep it as a rememberance of the graffiti-age. even palm is doing away with graffiti with their "tungsten w" which is supposed to be similar to the treo, the main difference being that it will only work with a headset because there's no external speakerphone (knowing this fact, the dead speakerphone doesn't bother me that much and i treat the treo lid as a practical screen protecter).
    graffiti is just too much fun. i have been using this form of writing for 4 years and i refuse to stop using it.

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