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    Has anyone seen the error message that says "Fatal Reset" and then says "Stack Overflow"? When I spoke with tier 2 support, they had no idea except to say that it likely had to do with third party application conflicts. When I press reset, it does a soft reset.
    The complete error message is "NotifyMgr.c, Line 2269, Stack Overflow".
    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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    It is most likely a particular application or hack that's misbehaving. A soft reset will of course clear the problem for the time being, but you need to figure out if there is a pattern to when it happens. You might be able to narrow it down to a particular application that is causing the problem, a then be able to contact the developer for assistance.
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    I got this error message before I had installed any 3rd party apps on my Treo 300. The phone was replaced with a new one, and it still happens. I can't get any help from tech support about this after trying for six weeks.
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    Are you using the car charger that came with it? There are no fatal errors when using this. Sprint will swap it out for free.
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    I use both the car and desk charger, but this has happened on battery power quite often.

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