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    I have been a business customer with sprint for over 4 years, at the present time I have 3 phone lines. in the past couple months I've canceled two other lines because of billing problems among other things. I spoke to Richard Layne this morning for the 4th time in two months. The biggest billing problem is that 2 of our lines share minutes. Since June sprint has been billing the second line at 40 cents per minute. I've had numerous conversation with sprint reps saying they will fix it. No dice it still is being billed wrong. I have disputed 1700.00 in charges stemming from the 40 cents per minute. the 1700.00 has built up since june. Yesterday sprint shut off my service. I spoke to customer care and got the same crap everyone gets. The bottom line is most sprint people can't or won't help you. So I spoke to Richard Layne this morning and he basically said do what I have to do and that he is tried of hearing from me. He had assigned a guy named tim provost to be my business rep. Well tim provost said a month ago that I am not getting any credit and that I had asked to be put on a 40 cents per minute plan. I'm convinced that customer service people at sprint are sub-human idiots that actually don''t know any better and they actually think they are doing a great job. According to sprint I would rather pay 40 cents per minute than to get 2000 minutes for 89.99 go figure that out? I told Mr Layne I would buy the website and I would get the word out about the ridiculous antics and almost criminal billing procedures at sprint. He told me straight up that Sprint has a few minor problems and that Iam just a small business looking for a free ride. He also stated that people do not believe things they read on internet message boards. I know there is a site called but it appears to be a little out dated. I want a site where input is from current customers with legit problems. I hope to have this site launched by next week. Anyone want to help?

    Thanks for letting me rant.

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    I'd be glad to whip up some graphics for the site.

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    I appreciate all the offers I've recieved concerning getting this site up and running. Please email me to give me any ideas or suggestions. I want this to be a site people refer to before they sign up with sprintpcs. email Randall at

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    I hate SPRint ALOT.

    It took 5 days to activate the treo.

    25 calls later.

    10 disconected calls later.

    I still can't access the sprint website.
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    My complaint is not near as bad as the rest of these but I to know all to well about the idiots at sprint.
    Last year I switched my phone #when I moved. It took sprint 8 months and 8 calls to fix the caller ID so it would show my name and not someone else's when I called a land line. (it only took at calls because I kept getting comments like this could take a while.. we'll open a trouble ticket and someone will call you. No one EVER called me out of the 3 times I was supposed to get a call telling me what the problem was. I got a few reps tell me that I had never called in, or there was no information on the call. When I would point that out to future callers they would say, "no I see comments here".
    They did get my Treo connected with in an hour, after running through 2 names so now my email has a 3 after it. Sucks! On the positive I called them 2 days ago because I'm about to run out of day time minutes and wanted to purchase some more. Not possible. Gave the rep a sob story and he gave me 60 minutes for free. Not to bad. What I would really like is my money back, or a trade up for a phone that does what they say it will do. I love my Treo but it doesn't do a lot of what they said it would. First and foremost I want a Phone. Second I want a PDA. The treo is a CRAPPY Phone. I can't wait for the i500 to come out. Granted my complaints could be a factor of os 3.5. We'll see when 4.1 comes out and I can play with it on the i500.
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    Listen here Im actually pretty glad sprint is sticking to their guns on this want to pay the 40 cents then pay up what you owe no one rides for free buddy...That 1,700 you owe fair and square revenue earned is welcomed dont like it go else were... Another thing if you dont like your treo why did u buy it? [removed] ......Like Ive said before you got a choice and seems like sprint was yours so please quit crying geeezzzzz......[removed]

    Moderator: No personal attacks!
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    jas01... I don't think you deserve a reply...
    To all the others that may think the same. Complaining doesn't mean I would rather be with a different provider, or have a different phone. I have the best phone on the market to date. I just can't wait for someone to improve upon it. Makes perfect sense to me. Complain about what you don't like, and hope it gets fixed in the next version. I've had a palm based something or other since the Palm Pro was released. They Rule!
    As for Sprint! They SUCK! They were rated one of the worst cell companies... below voice stream for a reason. Does that mean I want to change. YES! If someone else would be competitive in network coverage/price. Since no one is. I'm stuck complaining about them in the hopes that one day they will care about there customers. I have an uncle that was a director of marketing for Sprint for quite a few years. Let me tell you first hand. There some nincompoops at the head of the company. Until something changes up top Sprint will not change.
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    I like Sprint's voice/data and device selections, but their billing dept sucks big time. I am still waiting for some one to remove $300 of cancellation fees from my account, even though I activated the new vision account w/2 phones by cancelling the previous account. This is already the 3rd billing cycle!

    There is another site called and BTW this jas01 guy really sucks, too!
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    Moderator: why is jas01 allowed to post here?
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    Moderator: why is jas01 allowed to post here?

    cuz its a free country....... and besides i think he has a point.... kinda...... i dont agree with the way he says it ..... but he does have a point.....

    i think a lot of our posts about problems with sprint could be a little bit more constructive...... and not just calling the sprint reps "idiots" or worse....

    We all have the same treo300, we all have SprintPCS, and we all have the same problems...... so why dont we just start getting a list of problems together and let sprint know that we need them fixed ..... in a constructive manner.

    In the mean time why dont we open a thread on what we are all doing to work around the problems we are having ...... here..... not spend the time, money, and resourses to make up some new "" site.

    All I know is that I would not be enjoying my Treo half as much as I do now without the help and support of all of people that post both questions and ansewers on treocentral....... so thank all of you..... and thank treocentral.........

    just my opinion
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    i agree with the above post. this is a free country, and treocentral is kind enough to include an 'ignore' feature that can be applied to individuals whose posts we don't want to read. cool.

    so while some folks are allowed the freedom to say really inappropriate things, or in an inappropriate manner, we on the other hand are free to ignore him.

    i have exercised my freedom!
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    Let me know when you get your website uip and running. I would be glad to let you post copies of my complaint letters.
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    Fellas: I agree w/ both of you to a point. I too have learned a bunch of knowledge of this board (thank you, all), as it is intended for, and people do have a right to express themselves. However, someone who repeatedly offers nothing but insulting attacks and negativity that requires the moderator to edit his posts should be removed. To me, that is not help, that is not knowledge being shared amongst users. I doubt very few are gaining anything but wasted time when you get an e-mail saying that someone has answered to a post. You click on the link and see his garbage. Is that fair? I mean, the guy has repeatedly been a troublemaker(see his other posts). Is it fair that the moderator has to edit his posts?

    I would like to find out how to use that "ignore" function, needless to say.

    I agree that we all share the same problems, and a list to send to Sprint for problems we have is a great idea. But does jas01 offer any constructive solution such as that? Him refuting that sprint reps are not "idiots" and to stop whining does not have any implications as such.

    Maybe you guys have a higher tolerance for BS than I do. I commend you.

    Now about that ignore function...
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    to ignore someone, go to one of his posts and click on his or her 'profile' button. then at the bottom of the profile, you have options to either add the person to your 'buddy' list or 'ignore' list.

    once they are on your ignore list, when they post, you will see their name and text that says that they are on your ignore list but you can click to read the post if you want
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    Thank You!
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    I thank the moderator for understanding and allowing people to excercise the freedom we seem to be loosing little by little. All I am saying is that YES customer care is bad but its only bad because everyone is calling with idiotic questions that can be resolved by READING the owners manual like they should be. Those of us who actually need to call in with legitament questions and network fixes are having to hold for hours because someone with a treo decides to call and ask something the way I really think there should be a test to see if your allowed to buy or possess a treo or the way cool toshiba seems to me that the less technical idiots are buying these complicated phones and tying up the lines at sprint why is that? less complex people should stick to maybe a Nokia 5000 series or some crap like that. Give sprint a break
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    well i have to eat an error on sprint's part again. long story short, i've had problems with my service ever since they launched "vision". because of those problems, i've accumulated some credits. as of two days ago i had a negative balance of $145. now i have a balance of $29 (not bad in itself). my bill was roughly $53 which should leave a remaining credit of around $92. well not according to sprint. they deny that my balance was EVER $145 not to mention just twon days ago. they refuse to give me any more adjustments. i'm irate with them!!! sure i could leave and go where? pay more money for a new phone, noone has good coverage, plus i have to pay a cancellation fee. sure noone is stopping me from jabbing a knife into my eye, but i will still pay the consequences. anyway, i just need the number of that bigwig at sprint that i can call to bypass all the cs morons. this name & number was posted awhile back. that would help alot. honestly, i was with at&t for 3 years and NEVER had ANY complaints!!! their network coverage is amazing (analog & digital). but no pda type phone. yeah, there is a tradeoff everywhere you go. but does that mean that if i live in beirut, it's OK for people to blow up my house?...
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    The web site has been up for some time. Go to and enjoy.

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    Sprint claims I asked to be switched to a more expensive plan. Instead of sharing a couple phones on a 2000 minute plan sprint says I switched to a plan that is just 40 cents per minute. the problem is actually that sprint did not add our third line to a share a phone plan. That is why I'm being billed 40 cents a minute on one line. We have also been billed 150 cancellation charge on all three lines.

    [removed by moderator]

    As far as your comment on dumb people buying high tech equipment and not knowing how to use it. First of I'm a licensed Private Investigator in 4 states. I also recieved an MCSE, and MCP certification last year. SO I can figure out what I'm doing. If people buy equipment it should pretty much work out of the box. I feel the frustration with all the problems people have with sprint.

    [removed by moderator]
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