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    Has anyone else experienced this problem:
    Everytime I hotsync, the Hotsync Manager reinstalls every application and syncs in all the data as if it's been hard reset. This results in Hotsyncing taking 25-30min each time. I don't seem to lose any data though, meaning that if I've added an appt. on Treo it still gets synced - so it's not just overwriting everything. I'm using Mac OS X 10.2.1 and Handspring's edition of Palm Desktop 4.0

    Any help or insights would be greatly appreciated.

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    I was experiencing this as well. I believe it has something to do with Avantgo. If I did either a hotsync of Avantgo via my PC @ work or wirelessly, I got the same hotsyncing problem you are getting on my iBook running 10.2.1. Removed Avantgo and the issue went away. I just duplicated most of the locations I hit with Avantgo in Blazer and get my info live.
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    Great! Will do. Sounds like that's the problem. Thanks for the help.
    I appreciate it.

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