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    Hmm -- maybe this is old news, but I just discovered this little trick for formatting SMS messages which are going to an email address (at least through T-Mobile's gateway). If you use the slash character, it delimits your message into subject and body fields. Everything before the FIRST slash gets discarded (so your message should begin with a slash). Everything after the first slash goes into the subject line of your email. Everything after the SECOND slash becomes the body of your email.

    So if you send the message "/This is a subject line/And this is the body copy," it will show up as an intelligible email message. This is a handy trick for me, as I often send business communications via SMS.
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    Dang. Looks like Cingular doesn't let this happen.

    I tried the trick with a Cingular SIM, and the email subject line was still the standard "mobile e-mail" with the body being "/subject/body" as I had composed it on Treo.

    If we can get this to work, this would be the greatest tip since sliced bread (and people would stop deleting my emails from SMS, thinking they're Spam advertising mobile e-mail) .
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    Try splitting it with a # instead.

    this is the subject#this is the body blah blah blah.
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    Resurrecting an old thread...coes anyone know how to format an SMS-to-email message into subject and body on Cingular?
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    Nope, doesn't work with Sprint either: "/testing subject line/testing body" or "#testing subject line#testing body"
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    Works with T-Mobile!

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