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    Okay, I broke down and ordered a cradle for my TREO300. I got tired of laying the phone on the desk and visualizing a soda spilling onto it.
    The cradle is a sturdy piece of equipment, even has rubber soles to keep from sliding on the desk.

    I owned a Kyocera 6035 before this and it included a cradle with the purchase of the phone.
    The cost was 49.00 from handspring minus 10.00 for regestering online.
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    The cradle is a must have device. Shame on Handspring / Sprint for not including this in the box.

    I lucked out. Within a week of puchasing my Treo, it went on sale at for $25. Once people started buying the 300, the price went up again.

    For 50% off, I would reccommend waiting for the rush to go down, and it goes on sale again.
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    Try ebay for 17.00 plus 4 .00 shipping !
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    I have a Krusell Case and was wondering if there is any room in the cradel to fit it with a case. I Don't want to have to take my Treo out of it's case to cradle it. Please let me know.
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    I dont think there is any room to use the cradle and have a case on the Treo. It slides in with a very close precision fit.
    2 thumbs up for the cradle (except the price).
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    I had the cradle for my 180 but got a leather case. The painted plasic case of the Treo gets too dinged-up without the case, so the cradle collected dust.
    When I switched to the 300 I kept the case and sold the cradle on ebay.
    Being able to use the CaseTechworks Convertable flip case is worth using a plug vs the convienience of a cradle.
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    Originally posted by amexadvisor
    Try ebay for 17.00 plus 4 .00 shipping !
    I'd buy 3 of 'em if someone on eBay is actually selling them at this price. Problem is, nobody seems to. All the bid prices and BIN prices are above $30.

    Which eBay seller gave you that deal?


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