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    It seems as if my Treo is not receiving messages as well.

    I can send messages but can't get anything to come up at all on my phone. I thought if I spent the $20 everything would be fixed and it would be $20 well spent. That is not the case.

    Anyone have any luck in being able to fix this problem? I know some people have had luck with there phone working as soon as they installed it. I am wondering if anyone who was experiencing this problem had resolved it.

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    I just installed Treo300SMS a couple days ago and I havn't been able to get anything to work. I've tried sending SMS messages to friends, they havn't received them, I've tried sending messages to myself.... nothing ever comes through.

    Any ideas?

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    Why don't you guys write directly to PDA Apps? They have been most helpful and effective as reported various people in this forum.
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    i agree. I had the same problem when I first installed treo300sms. I emailed and they spent a couple of hours tracking test messages for me until it worked. They work very hard to make you a satisfied customer.
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    I have sent pdaapps an email. I am just waiting on a responce. I really hope they can help me out. I am interested in purchasing another item from them but I am waiting on this problem to be fixed first.

    I just thought someone might know the solution because it seems to be a common problem.

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    Just to let you know that all is okay now with the phone. Both sending and receiving is now possible. Customer service with PDAapps was very good. I recommend Treo300sms. I am trying out their other program treoalert. And so far that looks good as well.

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