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    I am interested in how well Iambic or QuickOffice work on a Treo180. Do they crash or are they stable?

    Thank you.
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    I use QuickOffice on my 180 and have had no problems. The FastWriter thing that comes with Iambic office isn't much competition for QuickWord, but TinySheet is currently the best Excel app for Palm. Iambic Mail is a pretty decent mailer as well. I don't believe any of the apps will have problems with the 180, so you just need to give them a try, and buy the one you like.

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    I've been using Quicksheet for over two years now and NEVER had an issue with it crashing. I keep my budget in it and it is probably my most-used Palm application. A bit pricey, but very good nonetheless.

    That's my two cents
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    I've been using QuickSheet for a few months now and I think it's great. No problems with it. I've got a financial analysis spreadsheet that I bring with me when house-hunting, and I use it to score sailboat races.

    Haven't used the rest of QuickOffice nor Iambic.
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    Have any of you tried printing from Quickoffice by beaming it to an IR equipped printer?

    Im just curious how it handles pictures as i would like to carry with me certain documents and be able to print them.


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