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    I'm an ex-blackberry user, and one of the best blackberry features was wireless calendering.

    Does anyone know when there will be a Treo 300 solution that supports this? TreoMail and BizConn don't, and Basejet seems like it might, but doesn't work with the Treo300 yet....

    Anyone have the inside scoop?
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    What you mean by wireless calendaring.
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    I mean receiving a meeting invitation in outlook, and being able to accept, decline, or tenatively accept it. Also, if I receive an "update" to a meeting in outlook, having this update flow-through to my Palm calendar. Also, the ability to move a meeting or change the information about a meeting that I am the owner of.

    How often are you in a meeting that is running late, and need to push-back your next meeting by a half hour?

    This functionality has been availible in Blackberry for about a year. Would be great to see this in TreoMail or Sprint BizConn!!!

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