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    This is a a great program and it is wirth the 20.00 dollars..
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    so is this one & IT'S FREE!!! "SYNCALL"
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    Excuse my ignorance, but what do these programs give that religious and regular hotsynching doesn't? Everytime I've had to hard reset, I've just hot synced and everything was back to normal....
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    This is from the SyncAll description:

    Most people think the HotSync will save the whole data contained on the Palm and this is enough to restore it after a power failure or other cause for data loss.
    But the normal HotSync only saves the databases (all data/app is is internaly stored in databases) that has the so called "backup-bit" set.

    Many 3rd party applications that store data on the palm do not set this bit, so the data isnīt HotSynced (I lost many SMSs and mails this way ...).

    SyncAll fixes this problem.
    SyncAll sets the backupbit of all databases every time the Palm is switched on (needs <1 second).

    This causes the HotSync to save all (!) databases and not only some.

    If you use SyncAll you could be sure to get back all the data after a data loss .... so better use it
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    I've been using this program for years and initially during the Palm OS3.5 days, it was truly an indispensable program.

    However is doesn't seems supported anymore and definitely has difficulties with the Treo. No solution in sight and the developers reply to load the lateset version which still doesn't work properly.

    Too bad, used to be a real force in the Palm world. Not recommended now.

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