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    Can someone please explain to me the web clipping software. Will it change the way normal websites appear? or is it only used for PQAs?

    Also, I am a little disappointed in the websites that are available for handhelds (i'm sure this will be getting better in the future)... but for example.

    mapquest... i want my mapping software to be in color, save my frequently used addresses, and provide the directions... it seems to me your choices are to use a pqa (ie directory assistance) which arent in color, or you get no map... or you use the regular website to get it all... is this right?

    i also use and subscribe to ... they apparently don't have a website for wireless... so i have to look at the regular site... thats ok, but is there a way to make it smaller on my screen?? so i can see the actual layout even if its too small to read (i know where everything is).

    please help
    unimpressed dave
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    The web clipping software will only eable pqas and not affect any other web software.

    As far as your mapquest issue try the Directory Assistant freeware is great for phone # searches, maps, directions' etc.... search on the forums for a detailed thread on this
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    Are there any special tips to configuring DA on the Treo 300? It never seems to be able to connect to any server on mine. The Residential phone listing lookup just sits there in the Web Connection Status dailog saying "Connecting...", then reports "Error getting data:0".

    Am I doing something wrong?
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    Read thru this thread it should help you figure it!
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    I changed the proxy settings and now it works like a charm. I wonder whether Palm might ever get a little upset about lots and lots of Sprint/Handspring customers using its proxy servers?

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