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    I was very shocked today to learn that the 1.5 version of treo mail will actually run in the background to download your email if you are working in another application and you've set it up to automatically check for new mail regularly.

    I have treo mail set for automatic polling every 30 minutes. I sit my phone in a cradle next to my computer at work. Today I noticed the phone powering on every half hour or so. When it powered on, it didn't switch to the Treo Mail app. It stayed on whatever app I had last used. This intrigued me and the next time it powered on, I switched to a couple of different apps and began using them. When my mail was completely downloaded, the new mail alert window would popup and I could choose to read the mail or dismiss it and continue doing what I was doing.

    Anyway, I am very impressed and will likely subscribe now. With unlimited Vision and background email polling, the Treo may finally be suitable as my primary email device.

    Now if I could only play mp3s on this sucker...

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    The details on the web site were sketchy, and was begining to think that maybe their marketing hype was a little over zealous. I saw that you could set the product up for automatic downloads, but that didn't appear to be any different from the 1.0 version. I was begining to think that they were mistaking "automatic" for "background".

    Good to know that somebody put this through and empirical test.
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    Now if only TreoMail could be interrupted by an incoming phone call, giving the user a choice of taking the call or sending it to voice mail, frequent automatic checking of e-mail would be very useful. But if you do so now, even with Treo checking "in the background," you run the risk of missing calls.
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    Yes but being able to only POP one e-mail account is such a bummer. That alone will keep from buying treo mail. Who only has one e-mail account?
    Grace & Peace,

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    Originally posted by utey
    Yes but being able to only POP one e-mail account is such a bummer. That alone will keep from buying treo mail. Who only has one e-mail account?

    As much as I like TreoMail (it seems to be a very well-designed and Treo-integrated app) this is going to force me to remove it from my 300.

    I also am not quite sure I trust this "background" stuff yet. It seems that TreoMail might not be so well-behaved when you happen to have another e-mail client accessing the data connection or even when Blazer is running. But that's just a suspicion born of the fact that, after loading TreoMail, I've had to soft-reset the Treo a number of times when the backlight wouldn't go out. As well, I've had some difficulty establishing Vision connections.

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    Treo Mail has always worked in the background. Once the CSD connection is established with the older versions, you can switch to any other application except make calls in PhoneBook. It is very handy to be able to start the synch and then go play Invaders for a few minutes.

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