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    I'm sorry if this is a newbie question, but is it possible to replace Handspring's Blazer web browser with something else like Eudora, Netfont or even webpro? I really do not like Blazer and this would be a really big plus if possible!

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    You can certainly use other browsers, although you can't really uninstall Blazer as its included in the device's flash ROM. Although with special utilities you may be able to delete it. I've also had a bit of trouble getting other browsers to act as the default browser.. for example to open up when i click an html link in my email program... it seems blazer always is the one that gets opened.

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    Thanks for the info joshua,

    What type of browser do you use? Is it possible to use something like jackflash and install the browser in rom? And exactly how much rom dose the treo 300 have?


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