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    I just got a 300, in the Network preferences the only listing is "Sprint Provisioning", the details of which are locked and can't be modified or viewed.

    When I tried to connect, it says it's connecting but then gives me a registration error, says I need to check my user name and password and try again.

    I called Tech Support, they said that this was a current known problem with Vision and the 300 currently, and they anticipated that it would be fixed by Friday.

    I'm just hoping to see whether anyone has encountered this here, whether the guy is just lazy or not.

    Thanks in advance
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    I think everyone (almost everyone) had the same problem when first connecting way back when. It took Sprint 24 hours to provision my phone, when they said it would take 4. Wait it out. I was also told back in August when I kept trying to access data when not provisioned, that this put me back in the "queue" to be provisioned, i.e. delaying it even more.

    Leave it alone for 24 hours, then see what happens.

    Good luck!
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    Pardon the simple question, but I also just recently got my Treo 300 and have yet to switch over to my Vision plan and get the web & email.

    They said wait till my new billing cycle, prevents pro-rated bills of $100+ like some on this board have experienced.

    My question though is... How do I connect for the first time? Is it automatically connected on the date I have Vision activated and I just go start browsing in Blazer or do I need to go into Network preferences and manually connect some how?

    Thanks for the help on the naive question.

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