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    Anyone figured out the way to do the following:
    *putting a phone lookup in the datebook so that you can click on it and the treo dials
    *taking it (the phone lookup) to recall in so many days or hoours
    If I can do this I would be a happy treo owner as everything else works!
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    Get Agendus by Iambic. It is a databook replacement which has INCREDIBLE integration with your contacts. Check it out. Using Agendus I am able to schedule an appointment with a contact ... link to their contact info ... call them by clicking on a button if I want to ... it also gives me a complete record of every appointment I have had with this particular individual in "history" mode.

    This is invaluable to me. I have 3 kids and need to track doctor's appts., orthodontist appts., etc. I could not live without it.
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    thanks for the feedback. It sounds like you are happy with it. Does it also add the repeat call feature?

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