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    I JUST BOUGHT RecoEdit yesterday, because I needed graffiti. Now it's free!! Can I return it do you think?

    I'm thinking not.
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    I doubt you'll be able to return it...

    I just installed it, what a great app! I love the keyboard, but when someone is standing over my shoulder trying to get me to write down their contact info... I think this will rock in such situations. Thanks alot Handspring. Now we have the best of both worlds!

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    Where can you download it? I tried Handspring and only got told to go to when I entered my serial number, and couldn't find the free offer anywhere on Sprint. Help!
    - Jeff
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    Go hear and enter your serial number. It'll return a page with a couple of other programs, the graffiti app is towards the bottom of the page.

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    Thanks a lot, that link worked great. Funny how it didn't work starting from the Handspring homepage...
    - Jeff
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    I still can't find the RecoEdit download.

    Every time I enter my Treo 300 serial number, I get brought to a page that has EyeContact and games.

    I've searched everywhere for RecoEdit, in the downloads sections and I can't find it.

    I currently use NewPen which works well with everything except PDQs. Reconedit seems to better handle moving the cursor with the stylus too.

    I'd love to take advantage of Handspring's offer, but I simply can't find the download.

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    the very last entry in the download page with eyecontact and games etc is recoedit.. Sorry that the links are so confusing. I've changed them in the article.
    -Michael Ducker
    TreoCentral Staff
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    PS everyone - the name of the application is RecoEcho Plus not RecoEcho as Marcus put in error on the news item.
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    I'm really lost. I can't find the software for the life of me. Once I put in the serial number of the Treo 300, it takes me to a new window. I can either click 'all handheld downloads at a glance' or '' if you have a Treo 300, it said. I've tried both link, and still can't find this application. Can someone help? Thanks
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    Originally posted by miradu
    the very last entry in the download page with eyecontact and games etc is recoedit.. Sorry that the links are so confusing. I've changed them in the article.
    The very last entry on the page I get, with eyecontact and games, is the game "ZAP!2016".

    I even did a search, using IE's find on this page function, for the word "reco", just in case I'm blind. It found the words "recognizing" in the descriptions for the various eyecontact entries and "recover" in the FAQ sidebar entry describing how to recover from a fatal crash.

    There is no RecoEdit (plus or not) on the page I get after entering the serial number of my Treo 300.

    This is TwilightZone like. Am I being singled out because I use NewPen and the big Jot brother is watching?

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    I can't even see that at all. If someone would be kind enough and email me the download, I would be forever grateful. This Handspring website just isn't very clear at all. My email address is Thanks a million.

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    Can any body help me with this?? Thank you.
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    tnguyen, I just downloaded the app last night. I couldn't find it at first, but it is actually the first download button that appears on the download page after you enter your serial # at the handspring site. It's a little confusing because there are a few paragraphs about other cic programs available then the download button.

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