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    A while back there was a flury of posts about what a great deal the add-a-phone deal was that allows 2 separate phone numbers to share minutes, effectively setting up two phones with only one bill. Anyone know if you can do the add-a-phone on plans with unlimited vision? and does the add-a-phone number have to be a new phone number, or can you use an existing number? Finally, do both accounts that you want to combine have to be in the same name?

    The reason is this: my wife and I both have SprintPCS accounts with different phone numbers, and the names on the accounts are different since we had the accounts before we even met. I have the 2000 anytime w/ unlimited vision plan, and I'd like her to share my minutes. Is this possible without one (or both) of us changing phone numbers??? Thanks in advance.
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    You should be able to do it. I added a friend who was already a Sprint customer to my plan - he retained his original number and we both share the unlimited Vision. It's the best deal going.
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    All you have to do is give Sprint a call and request a transfer of liability. The Sprint Specialist will transfer her account to yours, or vice cersa (after finalizing the other account). Either account can be the primary account, and the other the sub (account). By doing this, you will share the 2000 minutes in the plan, and both devices can share the unlimited vision provisioned on the account. Any account, for that matter with PCS Vision will have its own bucket of MB (if still on the old plans) assigned to the phones under the add a phone umbrella, but will SHARE the minutes. To preform a transfer of liability, both parties have to be on the line at the same time in order to give permission to do this, and don't forget, if there is an advantage agreement in place, an early termination fee MIGHT apply....
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    According to what I have been told as a former 2G shard minute person is that you can share minutes on the Vision plan at a cost of $20. With some of the higher usage plans, e.g. $90/month, there is no additional charge
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    That's correct. All lower-end plans you pay an extra $20 for add-a-phone. I believe the $20 is waived starting with the new $85 (2000 AT), plus you get unlimited PCS to PCS calling.


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