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    Is there an e-mail program that will let me view HTML?
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    Eudora will allow you to view HTML mail, but it strips out the code first. Many e-mail programs that work on the Treo (including, unfortunately, SnapperMail) leave the code in place, making HTML e-mail almost impossible to read. A few other programs strip it out, like Eudora, but I can't remember which at the moment. I am not aware of any e-mail program that works on the Treo and actually displays HTML formatted e-mail. It seems like the overhead would be rather excessive for a device with such a low powered processor, as should be evident from how long Blazer and other browsers take to display web pages (i.e., aside from the time necessary to download the data).
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    I have tried just about every Palm-based email app out there, and I am pretty sure that none of them actually display HTML coded stuff, they all strip out the HTML codes before displaying. As the previous post suggested, many or most take the approach of HTML code stripping (which include TreoMail, Iambic Mail, Mailer, Eudora, etc).

    The reason they do this isn't so much for the additional processor requirements, but storage. The palm doesn't include multiple typefaces or fonts, at this time, so in order for some of the more basic codes to be displayed (bold, italic, underlined), you would have to install a font library, kind of like Wordsmith does. Additionally, there isn't a lot of screen realestate to play with, so screen formatting would often be wasted also.

    I mean, after all, not even Blazer or Xiino do a great job at displaying HTML, and they are web browsers!
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    Although there may not be an email client with complete HTML support it seems that at least some of them I've tried will display certain HTML things correctly, like different sized text, and different color text. I know BaseJet for example, can do this.

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    In my experience with Basejet, they had HTML support since the March 2002 release. In the current release, you can actually insert HTML quickly through the menus. They strip out the HTML but display colors, 2 fonts sizes, italics, underlines, and bold. Plus they have auto detection of web links, mail links, and phone numbers which you can tap on and it either launches Blazer, Eudora Web, or AvantGo for web links, creates a new message for mail links, and allows you to dial or save phone numbers on phone links. They also support conversion of text smileys into graphic smileys (like yahoo) and you can insert smileys quickly through a menu choice. I've played around with the HTML formatting by writing an email with some HTML formatting and then saving it to the Drafts folder, then reading it to see what it looks like. Smileys come over as graphics. Bold, Italics, Underlines work with the <B>, <I>,<U> tags. I can't find out how to change the colors directly, but if you send yourself an email with the <FONT COLOR=#5E7FD2> tag, and you receive it wirelessly, it works. Also, it seems you need to change your font size to greater than 12 to see the larger fonts. Try it out and post your experience.

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