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    If so, are you having any sporadic problems with duplicate addresses?

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    Yes, I am using Yahoo Intellisync to sync between Outlook and Yahoo. I then use Chadupa software to sync between my Visor and Outlook.

    On my other machine, I'm having problems syncing directly to yahoo via intellisync and the visor. It just crashes on me. I have tried uninstalling everything and reinstalling but nothing works out.

    I have not, however, had duplicate entries.
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    Derek, that's been a long-standing problem with Intellisync/Yahoo/Outlook -- for years. I don't want to tell you how many times I've gone through and deleted duplicates (in a 500+ address book). Certainly more times than you have teeth.

    On the desktop level, there's some third-party software that claims to get rid of it, but I've never bought it. I've found that over time, the syncing just trains itself, and the duplication more or less goes away. But never entirely. It happens with calendar items as well.

    A real pain. If you find some miracle cure, please let us know. We're worried about you.
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    I used to have problems when yahoo was using their TrueSync software, however, I don't have any problems with their Intellisync software, especially with duplicate entries.
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    removed by mods.
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    So what *exactly* causes the issue Jas?
    I've heard that there's a version that fixes it, which version is that Jas?
    Is it a conduit, server side or client side problem Jas?
    When was the problem first found Jas?
    Which Palm OS versions see the issue Jas?

    Please enlighten me.
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    jas - you wrecked other threads, now you're gonna start with this one? sorry not everybody in the world is as smart as you are. maybe you should just have your own bbs and wait for everybody to come there and ask you the answers...
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    I've reported this to the mods....they are close to dealing with him.
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    great. this bbs has been so helpful, would be a shame to see one person ruin it for all.
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    Ok I don't know how to get you to understand this, but you may not verbally attack any user on this boards, and you are in violation in our Terms of Service and your user agreement if you do. Posts like this will consistantly be removed, and if you don't stop you will be banned from
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