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    Well, I've had a Treo 300 for about a week now, and love almost everything about it except the non-standard ("Nokia-style")earphone jack. Is there some specific reason why Handspring chose this instead of a generic 2.5mm jack? The latter certainly offers more options.

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    Hi Andy,

    Handspring went with the Nokia-type 4-barrell connector because the largest number of third-party manufacturers design headsets for Nokia. Itís very difficult to make a universal one. For a list of models that will work with Treos, check out the link below.

    What headsets can I use with my Treo communicator?

    Hope that helps,
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    I found this on the net that looks like a good adapter to allow you to use a more standard earphone with the Treo. I have a 900 mghz wireless earphone that I want to use so I'll be ordering one of these this week.
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    As best as I can see, the only real advantage the Nokia-style four conductor 2.5mm jack gives you over the standard 3-conductor one is the push to start/end call button. This would be a desirable feature for the Treo, not having to open it to answer a call and such... So I imagine they went with the Nokia solution rather than making their own, since it's already so popular.

    Keep in mind I'm new to all this (just ordered my 300 tonight in fact), but that's what it seems to me. Now I have to find something to replace my M175 headset...
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    Found another earbud-type headset that is retractable, with a push-to-connect/disconnect. It works VERY well...have been using a prototype of it for over a month, and have been very happy with it. Probably the only thing I would get over this is the Jabra Freespeak, because it is wireless. But, this one is only $30 (and the Freespeak is $179). When you order, make sure you order the "Standard 2.5mm Universal 4-pole"...that's the one that is compatible with the Treo. Sound quality on both ends is very good (probably the best I've had from any earbud, and I've tried them ALL!) And the retractable quality makes it easy to use. It's also the smallest retractable I've seen or used.

    Disclaimer: I am somewhat biased, because I'm on the Board of Advisors (non-paid) of this company. It's owned by a friend of mine, but I wouldn't endorse it if I didn't think the product was great. I was waiting until I had tested it thorougly before putting my two cents on this board (don't wanna be flamed for putting bad recommendations on the board...I like all the good info I get). But, if you don't like it, they do offer a 30-day 100% satisfaction guarantee refund policy, and 1-year manufacturing defects warranty, so you have little to lose.

    Where to find it:

    Let me know if you have any problems.
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    Originally posted by sbcrair

    Where to find it:

    Let me know if you have any problems.
    Interesting design, it does look pretty good.

    I'll have to play around with the packed-in one when the Treo arrives. So far I've been biased towards the full headset style, never seen an earbud I found comfortable... Maybe I've just not tried them enough.
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    Originally posted by sbcrair

    Found another earbud-type headset that is retractable, with a push-to-connect/disconnect. It works VERY well...have been using a prototype of it for over a month, and have been very happy with it.
    It looks interesting, but I don't understand how it stays on.

    From the picture, I think I see the spool, and the mic. But where is the speaker and how do you put it on?

    Also, is the 2.5" 4 pole directly compatible with the Treo without any adapter? What about the Nokia models, I thought the Treo required the Nokia plugs.

    All in all, it looks like the first wired headset that interests me, and the wireless are far too expensive for the duty they actually perform.


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    The earbud goes in your ear just like any other earbud, and the mic is at the end of the little extension attached to the earbud (directional mic toward your mouth, kinda like Jabra's). As long as you get the 4-pole version of the device, you don't need any other attachment to make it work with the 300. This is actually the same connector as some of the Nokia phones that have been talked about in other places on this board.
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    So does the spooler part have a clip or clasp or clamp or sumpin that will attach to belt or whatever? (this thing looks very similar to those winders that companies issue for holding badges and the like, for their workers to -zip- their badge up from their belts.).

    Just curious about how it clamps on.

    And also - is the sound quality decent? I've never had good luck with those combo ear bud/mic units - maybe my mouth is too far from my ear or something. Give some sound quality feedback, if you would, please, and thanks.
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    This is a little bit different, as far as a spooler goes. On most spoolers, you attach the device to your belt, and the wire comes out one end. This one has the wire coming out both ends, and it just hangs there. It is about 1/4 the size of the Jabra spooler, and very light. Because it comes out both ends, it doesn't have any kind of clamp for your belt. I use the International Leather case on my belt, and I just have the earbud hang off the phone into my front pocket. Works quite well. I also use the ProClip holder in my car, and just have the earbud hanging off the phone from the ProClip.

    As far as sound quality goes, it is very good. The only time there is a problem is when you are in a very noisy public environment (eg, many people talking at once around you). I use it in my car, in the office, etc. with no problem.

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