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    Just got my new bill since I switched to the new $85 plan with unlimited data. They billed me twice for service this month (perhaps biled me a month in advance, but if so, then they also did not credit me for the advance I paid at the beginning of last month) and billed me $150 for "cancelling" service.

    I was specifically told when I switched plans that there was no charge.. and in fact was told that I could go from the 2 year plan I was on to the 1 year new plan with no charge....

    On hold with Claire now (saying "Cancel Service" does not put you in touch with a human being quite so quickly anymore) and will post after I get a resolution.

    Anyone else having a similar problem (or resolution)???
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    I was billed twice for last month. I paid for my old plan last month. This month's invoice, I was charged a pro-rated fee for last month and then my new $85 for this month in advance. I had to make 3 calls to CS before I was able to explain to them what I believed happened. They initially insisted that the bill was correct. They kept saying that everything was pro-rated because of my plan switch (for some reason, they insist on switching everything the day before the end of your invoice period). I explained that I paid for last month's service on last month's bill so why was I being charged AGAIN for that. The third person finally got it and credited my account immediately. It took about 60 minutes of my life but it saved me $110.
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    ok.... here's the results... after about a half hour on hold today (and another half hour on hold the other day... I finally had to hang up and get back to the real world)... "Claire"... or perhaps her aunt.... agreed that there were "some errors" on my bill and credited me back for the one month overcharge and the $150 "cancellation fee". She confirmed my current plan.. which had magically sprouted a $10 per month unlimited nights and weekend add-on (which I do not need with 2,000 minutes and free PCS-PCS) and then took off the nights and weekends also.

    I asked for a credit for being on hold for so long.. she immediately offered me 30 free minutes which of course I have no need for on the 2,000 minute plan.... She put me on hold for a few and then advised that she could credit me $12 (WOW!!!! 12 WHOLE DOLLARS) which she said is the "value" of the 30 minutes.

    Since I bill my time at over $200 an hour, I think she got the best of me... but at least it was fairly painless to have this corrected.

    So.. the moral of the story is make sure to check your bill... especially if you are on auto-pay.

    G'day mates.......
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    I switched to the unlimited plan and was billed $428.00. I have 3 phones on share a phone and when they switched the plan they didn't switch 2 of the three phones so I got charged $.40 per minute for those. On the first call they credited me $270 dollars but told me to call back the next day to make sure it got in the system because only a supervisor can enter that much credit. Of course I called back the next day and it wasn't done. They said it would appear as a credit on next month's bill, but I have absolutely no confidence that it will.
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    I have found that service credits usually show up about 3-4 hours after they are given. You can check on the Manage website under the balance owing/invoice box.
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    Oh God...I'm glad I've got the number to a guy in their executive level sales who took care of my switch....


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