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    Hi, does anybody happen to know SprintPCS' WAP gateway IP address? I am trying to use WAPMAN to access some wap sites. Using other public WAP gateways (like waptunnel's) do not work for some secure sites. Thanks a lot.
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    So nobody tried to access their old MyWirelessWeb wapsites?
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    I've been trying to get an answer to this issue for the past week since I activated my free Digital Link. I want to be able to access my Sprint PCS account info using my Digital Link/Visor Prism. I can't login to using Blazer or Xiino. So far no response from Tech support. As you said, I'm sure somebody out there must have tried to access their old "My Wireless Web". Has anybody been able to access their account info using the Treo 300 or Digital Link??

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    Anyone ever figure out what the WAP gateway IP address is? I am also trying to use WAPMan.
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    I have been monitoring this site for ages to find the answer to that one. When I asked tech support, the woman gave me the URL to pdaapps web site (talk about clueless.) I felt like an ***** as she was spelling it out, and I was writing it down... W W W dot Pee Dee Aye Aye Pee Pee Ess dot Cee Ohh Emm. I dictated it down and sighed heavily when I read it back.

    As far as I can tell, the WAP gateway is the second most closely gaurded secret at SprintPCS. What is the most carefully guarded secret? Why they decided to develope their own proprietary SMS system!
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    Someone on the alt.cellular.sprint Usenet group provided me with the following possible gateway address:

    However, my WAPMan was unable to establish a connection to that particular address.

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