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    Ok, just picked up the treo 300, defected from PocketPC to Palm. I was wondering what the most popular chat programs are with the treo. Are there chat websites, like yahoo chat or msn chat, or do I have to download a program. Any input would be appreciated. Even telnet or ICQ, I've never used either.

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    By far the best i've found is upIRC. Also grab the upIRC pqa while you're at it, it's a great companion for finding new servers to connect to.
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    Congratulations on leaving the Pocket PC and Microsoft and joining the ranks of Palm OS and Treo.

    I have been a Palm OS user since 1997 (1 year after it came out).

    I think the simplicity of the OS and number of programs written for it is phenomenal.

    If you're looking for a good site with a lot of Palm OS software, check out

    I hope Microsoft never figures out that people don't want to carry around a desktop in pocket (ie a cumbersome OS like Windows CE)

    Just my .02
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    I also had been using Pocket PC for many years since the HP Jornada 520.

    Fact is, without wireless, these things are useless.. unless you want to sync with AvantGo all the time.

    Fact is, the keyboard makesd the Treo fantastic.

    Fact is, the above poster is right.. PocketPC is cumbersome and hard to use...

    Palm is quick and simple... yes I do wish Palm would move BIT forward like let you sync all the fields of your contacts and display them all however the pros outweigh the cons.

    Pocket PC will never have market share.. it costs more... it does less... it is more cumbersome.. and it does not have a keypad!
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    I haven't turned into PPC basher, I still have a lot of respect for what MS has done with that platform. I had the Jornada 568, before that I was hardcore palm. Basically the only good thing about PPC are the multimedia aspects. I used to watch full length movies and have a library of MP3s, but the fact I'm replying to this thread with my treo helps me get over those losses which will be rectified with OS5 and OS6. Anyway I respect both platforms. I have to admit that Blazer is a lot better than pocket IE.

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