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    I'm the author of Cell Plan Tracker for Treo. It does work with the Treo 300.

    A few users have written me to tell me that this discussion group has been griping about the lack of ability to track minutes against plan and suggested I post a link here and answer questions.

    The short of it: you can download a free trial of Cell Plan Tracker at either PalmGear or Handango (links below). It will work for 30 days so you can see it running (and you can see it automatically detecting and rolling over to the next month when you hit your billing cycle). It tracks peak/offpeak (or anytime if you shut that off) as well as a number of other configurations of cell plan.

    Right now it does NOT track data usage by KB, though I'm working on that with Handspring now.

    I'm happy to answer questions people may have as well.

    Palmgear Link:

    Handango Link:
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    How about the inabvility to enter calls like *2 as not charged? How about a space to manually add minutes for the other user of a shared plan? Love the app but it needs to evolve.
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    Absolutely. The next version already ignores any "*" calls (I've been waiting to get KB Tracking in to release it, but that's more difficult than it appears).

    The other idea I haven't come across in feedback before, but will consider adding. I've had several requests for ways to manually add or subtract minutes (carryover minutes, etc.) so will probably add that as an option as well.

    Thanks for the feedback...

    -- Kevin

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