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    I've been accessing mail on my Treo by having my company forward all my e-mail to my address and then checking that account with PaPi mail, all of which has worked fine to this point.

    The last week or two, however, e-mails with largish attachments are getting bounced by the Sprint server back to the sender, annoying them, and causing my work IT department to cut off the forwarding. So now I can't get mail at all on the Treo.

    Any suggestions how to escape this trap? Is BusinessConnection a solution?
    - Jeff
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    Get a broadband connection with a static IP, register a domain and run your own email server.

    Have your work forward your mail to "".

    A great windows email server is Mercury at

    It runs in the background on a windows PC (any version), you can keep using the computer for other things (IOW you don't need a dedicated server for it).

    It does POP3 and IMAP 4. You can configure it to forward information to your Sprint SMS email address when you get a message (i.e., new email notification).

    The downside: once it's set up it's zero maintenance, but still there's a certain learning curve to setting up a server, it's not the most intuitive thing to do. Also, you'll have to run your PC 24/7.
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