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    We've all been bit by the old BATTERY MEMORY bug at one time or another. In all my other devices, this was not a terribly large worry because the batteries were replaceable. In my digital camera and camcorder they use Lithium ION batteries which, so far (knocking on skull), have not exhibited trends toward battery memory problems.

    I am curious about this Treo 300. What kind of battery does it have?

    Has it exhibited any memory issues for anyone?

    I would like to have it fully charged at the beginning of my day as I tend to utilize most of it's functions throughout the day and would rather not have it cr@p out on me in the middle of a phone call in the afternoon.

    What are your thoughts?

    Regards - Randy "Thumper-7"

    Sprint's Customer Service will eventually put them out of business!
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    The biggest deal with the battery is to fully charge it immediately upon taking it out of the box. That apparently sets its full charge memory. Then, you should be able to get by fine by charging it every night, or topping it off whenever. Doesn't seem that you need to run it down to nothing....I keep mine in the cradle whenever I'm not using it...

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