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    It would be great if someone would write an app for the Treo that would make audible alerts based on signal strength changes.


    Driving down the road and need to make a call but don't want to stare at the Treo until a good service area comes up, one could activate this little program that beeps whenever the signal changes.

    1 Beep for 1 bar area
    2 Beeps for 2 bar area
    3 Beeps for 3 bar area get the picture.

    In any case, when you get into a good area you can pick up the phone and do what you need to do.

    I would spend up to $10 bucks on such an app and I won't even charge the developer for this idea.

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    I think you can set it up to beep when you leave or re-enter a service area. The green/red light thing is helpful but you still have to check the screen for signal strength.

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