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    I just read on these forums that the Treo 300 does polyphonic ring tones, and its PhoneBook application displays the time at least on one of its screens.

    Now, both functions are things that the Treo 270 could do as well: as far as I know, they both have about the same hardware; and polyphonic tunes on the 300 come from its speaker, not from the small piezo unit.

    The second function (putting a danm clock on the screen) would be even more certainly possible on the 270.

    Does anyone know why Handspring built those differences in the 300? Is it for marketing reasons? If they aren't going to release a patch that enables the same things on a 270, can maybe some third-party hacks do it?
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    time and date are easy... in the speed dial page, NAME one spot &date and the other &time and it'll show the current date and time on your speed dial page....what's kinda cool is that you can still assign numbers to &date and &time. so when you hit the time or date it dials the underlying just have to remember whose number it is.

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    thanks for the tip, I was wondering how to get the date and time on there!

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