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    How do I make this on the 300?
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    I'm sorry if this is obvious--I'm on the road without my manual. But which is the option key? (The blue button doesn't seem to work in the way you suggest the option key would.)
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    The blue Option key shifts you to the symbols/numbers in blue on your keypad. Once you enter a letter or symbol, you can then press the List Type key to the right of the spacebar (the one with the ellipsis (...)). This key brings up a pop-up list of alternate letters/characters. It happens that if you choose the colon and get the supplemental list, semicolon is the next one on the list. You can use the scroll up/down buttons to geab another entry. Once you highlight the one you mant, hit Space to select it and drop it into your text. And, yes, it's all in the manual, plus it's found in Keyboard Help in the Edit menu.

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