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    So I get the treo 300 from

    Call up sprint and set up my wireless voice/data plan. Everything should be set up.

    It dosn't give me a connection, says I'm roaming and need credit card, call collect, etc.......


    Call tech support and having them try to fix this. Is any one else haveing problems like this.

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    try going into prefs, network and disable roaming. Then hit *2 - if you're in Sprint's PCS area it should connect you with the ever charming Claire.
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    well get this, I can call the #2 technical support on the phone, its calls to my own voicemail, other cell calls and data that does not work.
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    Don't panic -- I've noticed that everyso often Sprint's network goes down. Try again in an hour.
    Henry L lazarus
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    that's got to be reassuring to a new customer.....

    does anyone have a direct number to a higher level of tech
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    i found this........

    has a direct phone number
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    Here's an assortment of numbers from various threads. It looks like the (877) number near the end might be the best:

    In a reply to my letter to Handspring, the basically told me to 'Go To Sprint'. But they gave the following clues as to how to do it - I haven't tried these yet, but if you're one of those rare people who doesn't like to spend an hour on hold, here they are:

    An alternate number is 888 715 4588. The options to get to the point where you enter your phone number to proceed are 1 for English and then 2 for general inquiries. You are then asked for your phone number. You then speak with Claire, the virtual representative - ask for a 'Data Support Specialist' speaking as clearly as possible. For a higher level of support, please ask for a "Decision 1 agent".

    Today I once again called 888-211-4727, waded through the automated unhelpful attendant prompts, and waited until a rep eventually answered the phone. That rep gave me another number to call 877-228-2257. I called that number and the rep walked me through a procedure that none of the other reps had tried.

    The Sprint support # 1 888 715 4588 seems to get you to reasonably knowledgeable Sprint support folks. It is the number in the quick start guide given for activation but it works for Tech Support too.

    I encourage everyone who is experiencing this "phenomenon" to call Sprint's direct tech support line and complain: (877) 228-2257.

    You will need to call up Tier 2 tech support at 877 228 2257
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    MD is da Man!

    Thanks a lot....
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    md is the man. His phone number got me to a tch support guy who got me to a "trouble specialtist"

    This guy fixed the prolem completely. To help in the set up of the phone. to activate he had me dial##931932

    to fix me problem. I deselected number portablity and retyped my phone number.

    After that it worked fine

    be careful when doing this to a working phone and connection. It freezes the palm and you will need to restart to get wireless/data again

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