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    Has anyone acutually gotten American Express to honor their price match policy (ie. "Best Value")? I called the insurance company they outsource to, and they advised me that they do not cover cell phones, but do cover PDA's. Unfortunately, Amazon's website lists the Treo as a PCS phone, so I doubt that will fly. Anyone have any experience and/or other ideas?
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    I've used American Express's pricematch, but on a digital camera, not a Treo. It was painless.
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    Go with CC on the Warranty. BB has gotten a bit more strict with their warranty policy.

    In addition, BB created a new $80/3yr. PDA/Cell Combo Warranty.
    CC still has their $60/3yr warranty, so its 20 bucks less.

    My CC guy was cool and said that if something better comes out I can upgrade to it. He said they will just take my word that something is "wrong" with the unit. I couldn't believe he said that. I didn't even ask him about it, he just volunteered the info.

    BB on the other hand, has got techs looking at it to make sure it's messed up, plus they no longer will replace cracked screens at some stores (from what I hear). When I bought my m515 from them they said the warranty covers everything, but lately I been hearing that it won't/
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    OK, so someone tell me what i am misssing, causse i think i can actually make a profit on this deal.

    I buy the treo from CC for $500. I get AmEx to price match with Amazon, getting $250 back in the process. then I turn around and go back to CC, and tell them I want to price match with Micro Center, earning another $150 or 165 if they give me the 110%.

    Then I call Sprint and tell them I want a retension bonus, which sounds like it is worth between $100 and $200 addtional.

    So all in all, my $500 will earn me between $500 and
    $615 in credits and refunds.

    Either this is too good to be true, or I am missing something here.
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    well ... don't expect that to work ... I think any reasonable insurance claims person at AMEX is going to see the amazon price at $500, not 250 ... that's how I would read it, let me know if they do differently .. if you order from amazon, you actually pay $500 up front
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    Sadly, in re-reading AmEx's terms and conditions, they exclude rebates AND cell phones. Seems like Using AmEx on the Amazon Treo offer just isnt gonna fly.
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    Remember, no matter what the sales person claims that their extended warranty does:

    "Oh just say something is wrong with it and we'll give you a brand new one"

    "Wait until the new model comes out and you can just upgrade"

    "We cover everything, just say it doesn't work"

    or any other line...

    Remember, extended warranties are the number one commission earning item in the store (while not officially on commission, ask a BB employee what life is like if they do not sell them). The average employment time of an employee as FAR less then the length of the coverage meaning that "Bob" won't be around to confirm what he told you when you try to do any of the things that he promised.

    This is not to say that stores don't allow you to do the fun things, and you can kick and scream to the manager, but remember that the printed terms of the warranty are what counts, not the "we'll take care of you" lines from the sales people. When I worked there in college I made a point of never misrepresenting an extended warranty, but the things I heard other sales people say to make the sale made me sick.
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    My old sprint phone was on its way out, so I called Sprint and asked if they could give me some incentive to stay w/their service.

    They gave me a $100 credit + a month's free service (i signed up w/the $85/mo vision play). Not too bad, I suppose.

    I then went to Best Buy and asked them for a deal (as the treo300 lists for $300). I got them to take off $50, so I then purchased a $70 warranty/service contract.

    Its not as good as the Amazon $250 deal...but hey, I'm an existing customer, I get to keep my phone #, plus I'll ad my wife's sprint phone to my account at no extra charge (share our minutes, since she's not a big cell user).

    For whatever that was worth...
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    The Treo lists for $300? or $500?
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    My was $500, not $300.
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    Conspir, go back to BB, and ask them to price match with Micro Center in Santa Clara. They are selling the Treo for 349.30.
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    thanks for the word.
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    I bought mine last night, and they not only matched the price at CC they gave me 110% of the difference! No harm in asking
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    I bought mine at Micro Center but I was just at Fry's Electronics in Santa Clara, CA and they're selling the Treo for $349 off the shelf. I suspect Micro Center had the price break early, and now other stores are following.

    I got Sprint to give me a $120 equipment credit, as well as waive the activation fee for the new phone. Plus they gave me enough 8 pm-9 pm minutes that I can't possibly use them all. I just got the $40 plan. I'm pretty happy with what they did for me. I've been a PCS customer for almost four years, so I'm sure that helped.
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    Thanks paz5559.

    I went to MicroCenter and ended up buying their LAST one! (of course its the last one...look at the price !

    Actually, I went to BestBuy first, to get them to price-match it, but they wouldn't. They pointed to the 'fine-print' which states that they won't honor a price-match on california cellphones...can u believe that?!

    I told them, that it didn't make too much sense for them to enforce that policy, since I could simply return their hi-priced Treo 300, and take the proceeds to MicroCenter (which is exactly what I did). Of course, they didn't go for it.

    Oh well, alls well, ends well...
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    I know this thread has died out a bit, but I thought I would throw out my weasel-moves...btw, I am an existing customer, and all these all work, despite the commentary I've seen.

    -Get Treo 300 from Amazon prior to 11/18 ($500, running cost $500). Charge to Amex, of course.

    -Activate phone w/Sprint; added to existing plan at no cost, but made it primary, ($35, running cost $535)

    -Submit Amazon rebate (-$200, running cost $335)

    -Submit Sprint rebate (-$50, running cost $285)

    -Have Amex pricematch to MicroWarehouse's $350 price (-$150, running cost $135)

    -Old PDA (that Treo will replace) is broken, put in for replacement per Amex extended warranty coverage (-$250, running cost

    And I didn't even tap into any credit from Sprint, which as a 5+ year customer, could be worth $100-$200.

    So I end up ahead $200-$300, plus a schweet Treo.
    (which I will post a review about, since I've gone through every PDA type over the past 4 years, and have some interesting comments.)

    Would've paid full price, but this was a fun exercise of "what if" that turned ot well.
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    I was an existing sprint customer without a contract - I called sprint and said I want to disconnect my service to sign up as a new customer for the deal (when it was still $250) - the sprint rep said "don't disconnect the service - we don't like people disconnecting. We'll give you $200 credit to your account and you can get another $50 rebate when you buy the phone from the sprint store, if you commit to a year" so I did that, and then bought the phone at circuit city, price matching with micro center for $350.
    I'm trying to see if I still qualify for the $50 sprint rebate which would bring it down to $100.
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