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    Originally posted by glenng
    Regarding BB and $300 Treo sale: did it really get that low? That's 40% off! I had CC price match when they had 25% off ($375 deal), but I can't believe they priced it so low. Just out of curiosity, can anyone confirm this was an actual sale price? or was it someone combining the 25% with some other coupon or rebate they had? thanks.

    The $300 price was a straightup sale price, no rebate or other offer was combined with it (it was from the BB in Gaithersburg, MD). (I posted this deal awhile back when I purchased the Treo 300 a few weeks ago and the sale was still going on, surprised no one noticed it until now.) They had a bunch of them stashed away under the counter but no dummy model out. I had to ask the sales guy if they carried it or not and he said they did but the reason they didn't have it out on the floor was because "they" didn't really care for it that much. He said it was a waste of money and I should wait for the Kyocera or the Samsung.
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    Thanks Marty, that was great info. I live in LA, CA and we just had the 25% off. So, it looks more like a regional thing. that was an interesting answer the BB (or sprint rep?) gave you. if I go to a local BB and ask them about a future model, they have no idea. Thanks again.

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    the news that gaithersburg MD had it for $300 a few weeks ago is great ... I expect best buy will have a christmas type sale on or after thanksgiving weekend

    I'll be watching, I want a web phone, and I'm not comfortable paying retail or trying to fanangle some sort of new service plan rebate policy (I'm a current sprint customer)

    Q: when best buy had the sale did they publish the price somewhere ? I expect it will drop in price after christmas, and would like to use my AMEX card price match policy, you just need to fax them documentation on a lower price somewhere within 2 months
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    Thanks for the great info.
    I bought the Treo yesterday at Circuit City and had them pricematch Microcenter's $350.
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    how did you get CC to price match with microcenter? did you take them a print out of the web page?
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    Originally posted by jshrieve
    Thanks for the great info.
    I bought the Treo yesterday at Circuit City and had them pricematch Microcenter's $350.
    Sweet! That's a steal for such a great smartphone Mine was $360... and I plan to trade up to the Kyo 7135 when it eventually comes out.
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    Yeah.. and I Sprint still gave me the $150 for being a long time customer and staying with them. Total cost for Treo, $200 + tax($350worth). Of course I know I'll be spending some of that savings on things like palm apps and accessories. =P

    I called the closest Microcenter (about 40 miles away, but lots of people commute that every day to work), they had a few in stock. I wrote down the Microcenter phone number and went to Circuit City. Said I wanted the Treo 300, but wanted to price match it to Microcenter. They walked over to a computer kiosk, pulled up the Microcenter web page, which said $350. He checked to make sure they had a local store, then went in back for about 20 seconds, then came back and said no problem. Not sure what he was doing for 20 seconds, maybe checking with a manager or entering it into a system or something, as it would have taken longer to call and verify stock.
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    local stores here won't price match because the closest microcenter is 4 hours away. Any ideas?
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    an AMEX gold card (or card with similiar policies, I'm hearing some MC/visa's do this now also) will do the pricematch for you, fax them the webpage with the lower price and your originial receipt, in the past, I've had my refunds in 1-2 weeks
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    Has anyone had any problems buying directly from microcenter. I only ask because everyone seems to want to price match insted of buying from them. My main problem is tha it would have to be shiped to me since I have no intention of driving 4 hours to get to one.
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    I am thinking about upgrading to a Treo. I see some wonderful deals for new activations. However I am currently an SprintPCS customer and have been for a number of years.

    I signed up with them before they had service contracts. I can quit anytime. Do you think I would qualify for the rebates? If not I guess I could cancel without any penalty and then "become a new customer"
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    I have nothing against Microcenter. But they're 50 min away from me and Circuit City is around the corner. Additionally I decided to get an extended service plan and I know that CC handles those plans well without hassle. I know nothing about how much trouble Microcenter is to deal with.


    If you called up and talked to the retention department (to get there, you might have to say you're considering cancelling), I'm sure they could offer you something. The same as an amazon rebate? Maybe. If you say you're from before contracts, then that's at least 3 years or more (I was 2.5 years, and I had a contract). If you've been a good customer during that time, they should be very willing to do something to keep you. When talking to them, let them know what you're wanting (help upgrading to a new phone) but let them suggest the specific amounts. If you're unsure you can have them note down the offer and think about it and call back later. You may also be able to get some deals on your new vision plan, if you need them (extra minutes, etc), though that'll decrease from any credits you get, of course.

    Either way, you'll probably be expected to commit to a 1 yr contract.
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    I guess I could just put it in my wife's name... She would be a new customer...
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    I bought new from Handspring for $500.
    The Amazon deal came out 3 weeks later. I called Handspring and asked if the'd give me a rebate. They said no, so I told them I was returning the phone under their 30 day return policy. They politely gave me a Return Materials Number and credited my credit card. I then went in to Sprint and told them I was terminating my current service even though I was 4 days beyond the free cancellation date (I'd still be $100 ahead even after paying $150 contract cancellation fee).
    The store manager went frantic. He checked my plan and finally offered to sell me a Treo 300 for $375 if I would accept another free phone that would share minutes on my current plan. My monthly fees are paid for by my employer, so I accepted . My daughter has the shared phone (for emergencies) and I found that Amazon's sale link for the $50 Sprint rebate was not limited to phones bought at Amazon. In fact, the rebate offered $200 for two newly purchased and activated phones within one month.
    If the rebate is honored, I'll have gotten the Treo for $375-200=$175 PLUS a new Sanyo phone.
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    Originally posted by eyeball
    I guess I could just put it in my wife's name... She would be a new customer...
    Yes, you could subscribe under her name and cancel your own service.. but I'd try working what you can under your name first. Worst comes to worst you can always do that.

    There are definite benefits to being a long term customer of Sprint. They'll time and again give you better deals on things, simply because you've been a good customer for an extended period. A year from now ,when you feel like you need 300 extra anytime minutes, but don't feel you can justify paying for more? Well, they might just give it to you free.

    As a new customer it's harder to convince them to go as far for you.
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    I just bought the 300 from Circuit City for $334 by getting them to match MicroCenter's price of $349 and applying 115% of the difference. There is a Microcenter down in Denver, about a 50 minute drive. The Circuit City in Boulder didn't even call then to check inventory.

    Activated with Sprint (only a 15 minute wait), and the rep said that Sprint would honor the $50 rebate for me, even though I did not activate a new number, just transferred my existing Sprint number to the 300. We'll see if they live up to it.
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    wish our CC would match, but they will not because they say it is not local. I called the Microcenter nearest me, but they are out of stock, and I am out of luck.
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    anyone find any new deals out there?
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    I've got a Micro Center about 3 hours away. My local CC and Best Buy would not match the $349.30. So I just had the Micro Center store ship it to me. They had a ton of shipping options and were very accomodating. Note that the $349.30 is BEFORE the $50-off Sprint deal.
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    what micro center did you call? the ones in texas and kansas are out of stock. and did you get the $50 rebate?
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