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    I just got my Treo 300 from yesterday.

    I have a question for others who purchased via Amazon?

    Does the problems with the car charger discussed in previous threads, effect the charger that shipped from

    I have not used my car charger yet?

    Can those who got treos from Amazon comment?

    If a problem exists, did sprint get you a new car charger?

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    Sorry can't comment on that, but could I ask how long it took between ordering and receiving it from Amazon. I ordered this past weekend, and after ordering, the "2-3 days shipping" changed to "1-2 weeks" on the receipt page.....
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    hopefully it will come sooner than they are posting.

    Mine did the same thing, and came on time. its up and running now a few activation problems
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    I ordered my Treo 300 from Amazon on Mon. 10/28. It shipped on 10/31 (2 day FedEx) I got it on Mon. 11/4 (2 days obviously slowed down by the weekend)

    I'm sure it will ship quickly!

    Good luck.

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