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    Very strange.....

    Hotsyncing a t300 to Palm Desktop on an iMac flat panel has been working great. All of a sudden, when I try and hotsync it it starts up and immediately gives me a error -1309. I did a hard reset, transferred all the files to another computer and the same problem. Even though I can work on PD with my data just fine, there is something corrupt that is shutting down the hotsync.

    One thing that is very odd, my hotsync log is 2 gigs! Worst case, I can export my datebook/memo/to dos/address and import then into a new user, which worked fine. But all my software needs to be reinstalled and reconfig'd.

    Any suggestions on how I can try and fix the original file to get it to sync?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Hi Daniel,

    Kevin from Handspring here. Itís difficult to be sure exactly whatís causing those errors, but I hope the links below might help you narrow it down. The first is a list of common issues in hotsyncing Palms and Macs. The second is Handspringís Customer Support section, where you might try searching for information based on your Macís OS. Sorry I canít be of more service at the moment.

    What are the known issues with Palm Desktop and HotSync Manager 4.0 for Macintosh from Handspring?

    Customer Support Pages

    Best of luck,
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    Kevin Michaels
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