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    This has happened to me several times now...I receive a call and can't hear the caller, but the caller can hear me. Has anyone else experienced this?
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    It's been happening to me ever since I started using cell phones 15 years ago... *sigh*
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    I have heard about this problem happening once one other time. I have over 100 other users who have never experianced this problem. However, if you take the phone to a Sprint store and are able to duplicate the problem, they might swap it out for you.

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    well, it never ever happened to me on my samsung phone during the one year I used it. I moved to another office recently, and the reception there is much worse than it was in my previous office. Could that be a factor? What surprises me is that the caller can hear me just fine...that seems really odd.

    Oh, and I'm sure the chances of me being able to duplicate this in a Sprint store are slim to none...
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    You need to make sure that Sprint included the "Crystal Clear Calls" option on your plan. My plan shows this from the current services section of the "My Plan" page.

    Hope this helps.
  6.    #6 this a feature that isn't standard? hmmm...okay, but I don't really want to pay any more than I already am. I'll check it out.
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    I was being sarcastic, and should have been more obvious. I apologize if you actually spent any time on this.

    There actually is a feature listed called "Crystal Clear Calls" but it is just marketing fluff. I was making fun of it.

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    I think I have a real answer to your very real problem. Do you use you headset on occassion? What is happening is that the phone thinks you still have the headset in so it is trying to pipe the audio down a non-existent earbud. The microphone still works so the other party can still hear you. You can usually clear the problem by poking the headset jack in and out a few times.

    A way that you can tell that you've got this headset jamming problem is that you won't have a speakerphone button availiable on the call-in-progess screen.

    This has happened to me a few times. I am thinking about sticking a paperclip down the hollow middle of the stylus in case I get stuck in this mode without my headset around.

    PS. I am posting from my Treo
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    Thanks for the suggestion...yes, as a matter of fact I have used the headset a few times. Maybe that was it.

    As for the sarcasm...sorry, I missed the really had me perplexed with that suggestion...LOL! Good thing I'm lazy and hadn't bothered to look up anything yet.


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