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    Has anyone had any luck getting Sprint to match Amazon's $249? It would be nice not to have to wait for delivery.

    Also, for those of you who bought the 300 on Amazon, how did the activation process work? Do you actually choose a plan, or do you do all that over the phone w/ Sprint once the Treo arrives?

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    Did not try to get Sprint to match. However, despite Amazon's warning that delivery could take a couple of weeks, I got my 300 the day after I ordered it (ordered 10/31, received 11/1) using next-day delivery.

    As for activation, although I picked a plan through Amazon, when I actually called to activate, it was as if I had never picked a plan with Amazon.
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    MK92 is right, I just activated this morning after getting my phone from Sprint.

    You select the plan with Sprint, not amazon (they don't know about Amazon plans).

    From what I gather Amazon doesn't care which plan you activate under (I think they may want it to be one of the unlimited ones they have listed on the site).

    It was a breeze, 5 minutes and my phone was activated.

    The only thing now is I need to wait 11 days (my billing cycle to end) before I switch to my vision unlimited plan, otherwise my bill will be a pro-rated mess over $100.

    Yes I'm an existing sprint client trying to finagle the $250 rebate. I should be able to, from what I gather.

    MK92- If you're still there. Have you encountered problems with your car charger, do you think that applies to us, as we both ordered around same time from Amazon?
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    The amazon rebate paperwork states that you must get a new number to be eligible for the rebate.
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    I called a local retail Sprint store and asked if they would match the Amazon price of $300 before the sprint rebate, either through account credit or just a good ole discount on the phone. Of course they said no.

    BTW, I ordered from Amazon on 11/1 with 2nd day shipping and it hasn't shipped yet.
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    I was lucky enough to speak with someone who gave me a credit for the difference of the $250 and the $150 I'd have to pay if I canceled and signed-up with a different number. So, $100. Not too sure they'll do this for anyone, as I'm a pretty high-volume price customer with Sprint.

    Even if they didn't do anything, I wouldn't have wasted my time.

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    For those of you who bought from Amazon and then activated with Sprint, did you get charged an activation fee?

    Also, would you recommend activating over the phone, internet, or in the store?

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    I am getting my treo next week once the amex resets for the month, but I was told by sprint today that they will take off 200 bucks because I have been a customer for five years and have had two numbers for 2.

    btw - I think I will be poking in here pretty often once I get set up .. I usually hang at


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