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    Check out the new Viewsonic PDA:
    The Pocket PC with the emphasis on Pocket.
    ViewSonic's new Pocket PC V35 is the THINNEST, LIGHTEST AND MOST POWERFUL Pocket PC in its class. The Pocket PC V35 keeps you organized, efficient and connected. And with the latest, greatest Intel XScale™ processor and advanced operating system from Microsoft®, it provides you with POWERFUL ACCESS TO IMPORTANT INFORMATION while away from your PC. Transfer your e-mail and important office documents from your PC easily and quickly. Use the built-in voice recorder for important notes and insights. Play favorite MP3 files. Or even read a book with Microsoft Reader for e-books. Get the lightweight PC powerhouse...the ViewSonic Pocket PC V35.


    Super-slim, lightweight design.
    Fits easily in your pocket, briefcase, purse, backpack, or hand — wherever you need it most.

    Bright color display for indoor and outdoor use.
    Indoors or out, colors are bright and text is sharp on the full-color 3.5" transflective screen.

    Bring files from your PC with you — MP3 music, too.
    The Pocket PC V35 has everything you need in one convenient package. You can type a memo, work on your budget or relax with your favorite MP3 music.

    It’s really fast.
    With an Intel XScale™ 300MHz processor, the Pocket PC V35 can keep up with you and all you do — think, live, play.

    Get the power you deserve.
    With a long-life lithium-ion battery, the V35 has the power you need to multitask all day.

    Do what you want to do.
    Microsoft Pocket PC applications you already know from your PC come preloaded on your Pocket PC V35. You’ll get Pocket PC versions of Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Windows Media Player, even Solitaire.

    Processor Powerful 300MHz Intel XScale™ processor for added speed, power savings and efficiency.
    Operating System Microsoft® Pocket PC 2002 Premium Edition operating system works much like your PC. You'll automatically feel familiar with applications.
    Memory Includes a whopping 32MB ROM and 64MB SDRAM so you can store more e-mail, photos and music.
    Size and Weight With an ultra-thin design weighing about four ounces, it truly is a Pocket PC.
    Battery Long-life lithium-ion battery lasts up to 10 hours.
    Display Indoors or out, colors are vivid and text is crisp with the 3.5" full-color transflective display. High 320x240 resolution keeps your image details clear.
    Easily Access Information Quickly access various files or applications with 4-programmable buttons. Also scroll through and access files and menus with the integrated jog dial.
    E-mail Read and respond to e-mail while on the go.* Microsoft® Pocket Outlook® provides full support for POP3 or IMAP4 e-mail including HTML messages, meeting requests, Word, PowerPoint® and Excel attachments, plus voice messages.

    *ActiveSync utility must be used to send e-mail.
    Synchronization Cradle Quickly and easily synchronize documents and charge the battery with the included synchronization cradle.
    Infrared Port Support for beaming contacts, schedules, or any file including images, music files or documents.
    Secure Digital Extension Card Slot Store additional files and information with optional Secure Digital memory cards.
    Quickly Input Information Easily input information with Transcriber, a natural handwriting recognition application. Letter and block printing recognizer for inputting characters naturally.
    Synchronization For your convenience, the Pocket PC V35 supports both continuous or on-demand synchronization.
    Multimedia Functionality Watch MPEG videos and listen to MP3 files with the Pocket PC V35. Even play music in the background while working within other applications.
    Applications – Preloaded If you need it, it's got it. Preloaded software includes: Microsoft® Pocket Outlook® (e-mail, calendar, contact, notes, tasks); Microsoft® Pocket Word; Microsoft® Pocket Excel; Microsoft® Reader; Microsoft® Windows Media Player v8.0; Microsoft® Pocket Internet Explorer; Microsoft® ActiveSync®; AvantGo Sync Provider; Voice Recorder; Calculator and Solitaire.
    Applications – Included on CD-ROM Companion software for your PC is also included: Microsoft® Outlook® 2000; Microsoft ActiveSync®; ClearVue™ Image; ClearVue™ Presentation.
    Optional accessories available from ViewSonic Foldable keyboard
    Power adapters
    Screen protectors Travel kit (includes synchronization cable, power adapter) USB syncronization cable
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    Yeah, but it's not a phone... I really believe that carrying two devices is finally starting to die....

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