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    Hello gang,

    I must say that this past month or so with my 90 has been enjoyable. However, the lack of being able to display home photos of a decent quality in my Real Estate program (I'm an agent) has made me decide to go for a Sony Clie'.

    What this means is that I am selling my nearly new Treo 90. I thought I'd offer it here first prior to putting it on eBay.

    If you've followed any of my few previous posts, you will know that my first device purchased on September 16th lost it's backlight almost immediately. Staples then replaced the device with a new device which ultimately suffered from the stylus friction problem. Handspring has since replaced that unit with one that is operating at 100% of how it was intended to and has been for the past month.

    Enough rambling, here is what I am selling:

    - Treo 90 in excellent condition (I'm really finicky about my devices)
    - ALL boxes, packing material, software and original sales receipt
    - Sandisk 128mb SD card
    - Handspring Flip style leather case
    - Case Techworks flip style leather case (with belt clip)
    - PDA Panache telescoping stylus
    - Extra OEM Handspring stylus (forgot to return it).
    - Four plastic replacement stylii

    $250 + actual shipping costs (from Salt Lake) takes it home...... why wait?

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    it's now on eBay....

    Click HERE to view auction

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