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    I installed the app on my 600, however, it does not get search results. Does get map results. I also installed the following per the read-me file:

    Treo users will find that they will have to install the files. One
    source for these as well as instructions in how to install them is this site:

    Directory Assistant requires 2 of these files in the Palm OS 3.5 version to do the queries themselves. These are INet_Library.prc and Wireless.prc.

    I get the following message after about a 30 second search:

    Unexpected problem with the results response!

    I did a soft reset, and set the preferences to Treo 600 web. Any ideas????

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    Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I saw on here or sprintusers that the 600 does not supports PQA's.
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    Unfortunately the 600 does not support PQA, go ahead and ditch all of that stuff and don't even think of it ever exhisting again. There is a new version of DA that works on the 600, just search around for it. I got my from a friend, but it works great!
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