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    I've got my email configured to automatically forward a copy of anything that comes in to, thus I receive a SMS message alerting me to new mail. I then use Eudora to download the message directly from my mail server. But some people who send me email are getting responses saying that the message sent to is undeliverable. The messages may indeed not be being delivered, which isn't the end of the world, but I'd prefer not to have the message sent back to them since the message did get delivered to my inbox. Anyone know how (or if) I can change the settings??? Thanks in advance.

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    Mail whose size exceeds 8k will be bounced by the messaging server at Sprint (this is a relatively new feature - it used to accept any size mail), and the sender will get an undeliverable notice. Most likely the sender will think you didn't get the ACTUAL eMail, rather than the forwarded SMS, and that really sucks.

    The way I get around this is to specify a size limit for messages that are forwarded to my SMS address, but I suspect that most ISP's and mail hosts don't allow this kind of specificity.

    What I'd suggest is:

    1) Take a look at the "bounce" message and confirm that size is the problem. If necessary, send yourself a large message and see what comes back.

    2) If it's a size problem, see if your mail host/ISP can allow you to specify a maximum size for messages to forward.

    3) If your host can't do this, and it's important, you could either gripe to Sprint (heh, heh) or find another mail server. Personally, I recommend

    - Marc
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    Interesting twist - message size. I didn't think of that. I'm going to call Sprint and see what they say. The senders ARE resending messages, because they think the ACTUAL email didn't go through, but it does - I view this as a problem. I tested it from another account and you seem to be correct that it is size-related, but I can't tell from the 'bounced' message - what should I be looking for?

    Anyway, unfortunately my email server doesn't give me any other options (such as only forwarding message subjects). I'll let you know what (if anything) SprintPCS says.

    Anyone else have any suggestions???

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