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    Ok, I am stumped. I am now getting a fatal alert every time I try to go to the top left applications drop down menu on my Treo 300 to either access "Info" or "Delete" or even "Category"...

    I do not know how this happened.

    In addition, something weird is going on. Now when I download any files that are .zip and I try to unzip them using the native Windows XP utility they do not unzip and when I try to install the new .prc files I get that little "Windows cannot recognize the file" error...

    What is going on? Is this a Windows problem? Or is it something inside my Treo? I am baffled...

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    If you do a search for that error on Google, there have been several cases of it associated with Palm OS apps and not the Treo itself. While there is no universal solution, many people said they had to do a hard reset and reinstall their apps one by one to determine the problem app.

    I think your desktop problem is a separate issue. Good luck. Sorry I couldn't be more specific.

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