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    I'm considering purchasing a Treo 300 and while I've been reading the forums here extensively, I'm having a hard time getting a sense of what features are working (for most people) and what aren't. So I was hoping you guys could answer a few questions.

    1. Which of the following service are working and can be accessed with the Treo 300 (using built-in OR third party software)?
    Two-way SMS, pop3/imap email, ICQ, AIM, Yahoo, MSN

    2. Which of those same services can you receive immediate (or at least < 5 minutes) notification of incoming messages for, WITHOUT being in that application. (Treo in pocket).

    3. Which of those same services, if any, can you receive immediate (or <5 min) notification of incoming messages for when you leave the Treo on that app (and close it and put it in pocket)?

    4. Can the Treo 300 be used for wireless net access (#777) via a USB link to a PC laptop? (I've seen threads regarding IrDA for Mac, but not USB PC).

    Clearly, knowing when people are trying to reach me is important to me. Thanks for your help!
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    I can't speak to all of these, but here goes. Generally, from the looks of you list, I think you're going to be about 90 percent happy.

    1. SMS: Don't use. Seems a little buggy on the Treo, and I don't want to pay for it. Supposedly, Sprint is coming out with two-way SMS (we've heard anywhere from the "fall" to January).

    POP3: I use Eudora. I check my attbi acct, which I have set up to send me a forward email to Works great. I get to see the sender's name and first few lines of the email. If I want to pull, I can.

    I also use BizConn and love it. Always on. Pushes email within about 45 seconds. Con: Doesn't handle attachment, but I'm trying a service through that will convert files for $3.99 a month and resend them to you as text.

    AIM: Use it with no problems (free version 1.1 build 5). It sometimes disconnects after a while, but I generally use it for short intervals, so that's not a problem. Other people have had problems with it, though, which I'm sure you've read.

    Questions 2&3: I think I've answered.

    4. Don't use.

    I think overall, the instant messaging apps are probably not there yet, if you're a hardcore texter. But most of the email apps are quite good, in my opinion. And the instant web access is just outstanding. Good luck.
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    Thanks for the info.

    So it sounds like what it boils down to is that the only way to get fast (<5 min) notification of any kind of message is via SMS. For email, AIM, etc. you have to check those yourself (pull). But there are ways to receive an SMS notice when you get emails, and possibly when you get AIM messages (like through trillian's IM forwarding plugin).

    Is that right then?

    Compared to practiced use of T9, how fast is the thumb keyboard?

    The Treo seems great.. the extra functionality is definitely there. I'm just not sure if I want to carry the bulk around all the time. I know I'll always be carrying the phone, but I don't know for sure how essential those extra features (over a vision phone) will become.

    Oh yeah.. is there any ICQ client? Or just AIM?
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    I am also evaluating Treo. I am a Blackberry user. For me the most important thing is to get the email and I need web browsing but very lightly. The notification is very important to me.

    With that being said, the mail notification option on Treo is just not there, well technically email application does not exist out of the box. You have to buy third-party applications (MarkSpace Mail, Snappermail etc.) or subscribe to service (TreoMail, Sprint BC etc.) to receive email. Event then, notification options do not come even close to those available on Blackberry. The email software is not bad, but in my opinion Blackberry email is better. I also tried using SMS for notifications and SMS on Sprint network is just not working right. I cannot get any SMS messages. I spent 2-4 hours on the phone with Sprint (second tier support) trying to resolve this issue and they have no clue. If anybody knows what should I suggest them to do please post it. I see my messages on but I am not receiving them on the Treo.

    There is no instant notification of new emails and there is not repeat notification if youíve missed first notification. The email is not push email, rather pull. So, if you really do need the good email device with notifications the Treo is just not that. I was hoping to carry only one device and cut the cost of owning two devices so I decided to try Treo. As it is right now I will probably return it and keep Blackberry and my phone.

    For me the closest thing to good integration of phone and email device is the T-Mobile Sidekick device ($99 device, and $40 unlimited service). See user discussion group at
    The problem with Sidekick notifications is that they do not repeat. Also, Sidekick does not have Cut&Paste and cannot automatically BCC you on the messages you have sent from the device. After Danger fixes these issues, I will definitely dump my phone and Blackberry in favor of Sidekick. For me and my needs, the Sidekick device is much better than Treo. Donít get me wrong I like Treo, but it is just not functional for me.

    Hopefully this helps you make decision. Just make sure that you can indeed return whatever you buy if you are not happy with it :-)
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    Just one thing to add: You can get the repeat notifications by adding a little utility called "treoAlertManager". You can get it at

    You can set the interval of the repeats, etc.
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    Another question the SMS. I've seen people refer to the program TreoSMS several times. I'm wondering -- is that program necessary to receive SMS messages, or only to send/reply to them? Without purchasing that software would I receive incoming SMSes?

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    Yes, you would receive them, but not be able to reply (with the OEM SMS app).

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