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    This is Karen with PDA Pros .

    We have finished our Treo Car Holder for the 180 and 270. This unit will mount on the windshield and allow the Treo to be held in a molded sled. A car charger is part of the kit allowing you to view incoming information while charging your Treo in the car.

    Take a look and let us know what you think.

    By the way, we have one of the largest assortments of Treo Cases anywhere. Click on the
    Treo Section for information.
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    I would expect a functional car kit to allow the following:

    1) Handfree operation of the phone (Treo's built-in handsfree is awful!)

    2) Easy drop-in connect to all connections (charger, mike, speaker, etc. - an optional privacy handset like nokia provides would be nice).

    3) Easy mount (which you have created).

    4) Keep the backlight lit when in the cradle.

    I think you have created a car mounting system - not a car kit. A kit implies having ALL of the tools...
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    I agree with what you have said.

    With this product, you have the ability to use your headset to talk and still keep the phone in view. We see a need for this type of product and want to get it out.

    We went for simplicity, functionality, ability to charge, ability to move from Car to Car, and the ability to add Bluetooth, which we have have a mount for the Bluetooth dongle type headsets on the back of the tray.

    I will have pictures of the Bluetooth Setup and prices for the bundle soon.

    Thank you for your comments. Please keep them coming.

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    Looks great. If you can tell me where to buy a 3 connect to 4 connecter adapter so my new Jabra FreeSpeak will work with my Treo 270 I'll buy your car kit immediately.
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    Looks to me like a suction holder with a charger, NOT a car kit ( which to me, would imply as a minimum a hands free facility)

    Sorry.. back to the drawing board..


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