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    I purchased my Treo 300 from Handspring thinking I would get better service from Handspring than Sprint. I received one of the bad car chargers that are hard to remove from the Treo. I called Handspring and they refused to offer any service or replacement of the item since they said it was given to them from Sprint. Don't they control what is part of their product? All Handspring wanted to do was sell me another one for $30 + $10 shipping and habdling. Am I looking at this wrong or am I correct in feeling I got taken advantage of?
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    I would just wait. One showed up on my door step from sprint for free. Bottom line is Handspring is not supporting the Treo 300 Sprint is providing the support. They have not staffed/not included support in their pricing models. Have you ever tried to call nokia's support for their phones? It's nonexistent. Same thing here I guess.
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    handspring's 19 dollar supporj WlLL support the palm OS part of the 300

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