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    Put my old Centro on Page Plus the other day. Phone and SMS work, but no data yet. Before I call their support people and spend a lot of time on hold I wondered if anyone here had suggestions. Thanks!
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    To be more specific this is a Verizon Centro that was out of contract in March 2011, service discontinued and put on PagePlus in July 2011.
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    I had never herd of pageplus until I looked at this post.
    I am sorry I can't help you, but I would like to know more about them, did you have to get your Centro unlocked by verzion? How is the clairity, and is their coverage as good as the map says it is?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tmair View Post
    ... I would like to know more about them, did you have to get your Centro unlocked by verzion? How is the clairity, and is their coverage as good as the map says it is?
    Here is a newcomer guide.

    I don't have the Page Plus plan with data that the OP has, just the $80/2,000 min./1 year plan on a Motorola e815 dumbphone. Page Plus uses Verizon towers, and I get fine reception, but am in the Northeast corridor so get fine reception from everyone (and also the e815 is noted for its good reception).

    I think that as long as you have paid your bills with VZW, and then stopped using your Centro on VZW (e.g., if you upgraded phones), your phone is ok to use on the Page Plus 1200 minutes + data plan. I know that's been done, just not sure whether we can put a Centro on one of the lesser minutes-only plans like mine.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tmair View Post
    I had never herd of pageplus until I looked at this post.
    I am sorry I can't help you, but I would like to know more about them, did you have to get your Centro unlocked by verzion? How is the clairity, and is their coverage as good as the map says it is?
    No unlocking necessary. Clarity good, coverage = verizon towers, unless there are holes where they don't have roaming agreements. Haven't found any yet. It cost $10 to put my Centro on PagePlus. 1200min/2000texts for $30/mo. Just need to get the 100mb data active.
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    Thanks for the replies, I am on sprint, didn't know you needed Verzion phones.
    Thanks again
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tmair View Post
    Thanks for the replies, I am on sprint, didn't know you needed Verzion phones.
    Thanks again
    Many Sprint phones also work on Page Plus.
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    Ok thanks for the info.
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    I put my PALM Centro on Page Plus Cellular Co. today. I called their customer service at 1 800 550 2436. They needed my USPO Zip Code (to assign the correct Area Code #) and the MEID number from under the battery. They told me to punch in a certain *number, then press "call": The voice said wait while authenticating, which took about 30 sec for success. Then they gave me 12 minutes free, so I could make a phone call, to be sure the Centro was working on their system. They could sign me up for $10, $25, or $50 prepay cards, on my credit card. BUT said that if I wanted $80 for 2000 min = 4 cents/min, I had to go to a nearby, local Circle K Gas Station to sigh up for this.

    [[Up-date 19 Nov 2011: Contrary to what I was told, it turns out that gas stations in my area (Aiken SC), did NOT have the $80 for 2000 min on their "sign-up" device, nor did the employees at two local gas stations, seem to know much about Page Plus. But were able to do the $10, $25, or $50 prepay cards, on their "sign-up" device. My post next below, explains how I was able to sign-up for $80/2000min plus much other information you need to know.]] .

    When on phone talking to Page Plus Customer Service, they can tell you the location and the phone # of the station, so I would know where to go.

    The whole procedure took about 3 minutes, and was fairly easy.

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    SUBJECT: How to purchase Page Plus, which is a Good, Low Price Prepaid Cell Phone Wireless Service thru Verizon Network, & Thus Compatible With PalmOS Devices:

    Dear Economy Minded Cell Phone Users

    This post (a continuation of my above post) is about one of the best low cost plans for cell phone, that I know of: The Page Plus Cellular Company (PP), was recommended to me , by my Cousin, Elmer Willhite, who works with this company . Elmer knows many satisfied users, and I think has all his family on it!! This is the bases of his recommendation to me, and now I pass it on to you!! Prepaid Cell Phone Cards (( Note: I had to abbreviate all links :-( since I don't have the requires 10 posts, on this site. You can do a copy and paste each, and likely fine the correct webpage. :-) ))

    Included in this email are 1) Instructions for a CallingMart WebPage, a "dealer" where I recommend that you purchase"Page Plus Cell Phone Calling Card" Minutes.

    Also included are the subsequent steps for "Activating" your cell phone with Page Plus.

    Although Page Plus Cellular company offers three different plans, which are similar to other Cell Phone Service Companies, and lower price/month (see below), this email is about the PrePaid Cell Phone plan I am happily using. It is best for me, since I have a low minutes/month usage, of say ~100 -200min/month.

    Some Examples of Cost/min for PP Prepaid Phone Cards:
    A) With choice of their Prepaid Cell Phone $10 card you can get 100 min (10 cents/min), which will need to be "re-filled" within, I think 90 days;
    B) With choice of their Prepaid Cell Phone $80 card you can get 2000 min (4 cents/min !!!!), which will need to be "re-filled" within one year: This is what I am using.
    C) After the allowed 90 days (or 1 year), your PP Card will "expire", and you will loose both your minutes and PP phone number. However, I'm told by PP Customer Service, that if you purchase a refill with in 30 days, you will get these back. (In this respect, notice that PP is considerably better than T-Mobile Prepaid Card, (costing 10 cents/min), which gives you only 48 hours to Refill your card. In addition, I had all kinds of trouble getting my $10 worth of minutes back, when I was on a trip and my expire was over their 48 hours. It took me ~3 hours on various phone calls & Internet Searching, to finally get my minutes back!! )

    Some Information about Page Plus Cellular:
    From Page Plus Cellular,, you get the following (All of which I rate as very good): Page Plus Cellular is a prepaid cell phone service provider with nationwide coverage on one of the largest networks in the United States. Page Plus is consistently ranked high among wireless providers for low rates, flexible plans and exceptional customer service. As a Page Plus customer you’ll enjoy:

    * No contract and no credit check
    * Nationwide coverage on one of the largest networks in the United States
    * Flexible and low-cost plans to fit your lifestyle
    * Easy to replenish minutes

    Plans: Page Plus offers three different types of plans. The first is their standard plan, which is a traditional pay-as-you-go service. The price per minute depends on the refill card used. The 10 dollar card is 10 cents per minute, the 25 dollar card is 6 cents per minute, the 50 dollar card is 5 cents per minute, and the 80 dollar card is 4 cents per minute. The Unlimited Talk n Text plan offers unlimited voice minutes and unlimited text messaging for $44.95 per month. This plan also includes 20MB of data transfer. The Talk n Text 1200 plan includes 1,200 voice minutes, 2,000 text and multimedia messages, plus 100MB of data for $29.95 per month.

    More information: The link below takes you to a WebSite that has Comparative Reviews of various Cell Phone Plans, and this particular WebPage, has a summary (and by implication) an evaluation PP Services. At the bottom of this Page, you will find many customer comments, mostly favorable, bout PP. Google can help you get more "Review" and "Forum", pages, that can help you decide. (AND .... If you find more useful information (good or bad), and/or lower prices. PLEASE let us know!!)

    ATTENTION: Please note that PagePlus uses Verizon Mobile Network (VZM). in my opinion, Verizon is a good service provider, and has the best nation-wide coverage, but for this, you must have a Verizon Compatible Phone (For Verizon, most so-called CDMA type cell phone are OK). A list of such phones, is below, but if your phone is NOT on this list, you should quickly get an answer with a Google search for [[ Verizon and your phone model number ]], Alternatively, but with some doubt, you could try a Google search for [[ CDMA and your phone model number ]] If all else fails, call PP Customer Service. What appears to be a fairly good list of Allowed phones for PP (and Verizon) and here:

    Here is a second list of acceptable phones. This page also gives what to expect (and not expect) when "activating" a Verizon capable handset on Page Plus.

    BUT, Verizon Capable Handset IS REALLY NO PROBLEM, since there is NO need to purchase a new phone!!There are plenty of good used phones around!! On eBay you can get one for under say $30. Often you can one of these for free, just ask around. But however you get your phone, be sure it is "Un-locked". A company which originaly sold a certain cell phone, is required by law to "un-lock" it. Getting a phone un-locked is possibly a hassle, but far better than trash it!! Take to time to Re-Cycle!!!

    You don't have to spend any money to see, if your phone will work on PP. The following are the steps you will go thru to "activate" your cell phone handset, and thus test that it is OK for Page Plus (PP). This is based on my experience with my Palm Centro, a kind of PDA & Smart Phone.

    A) You will likely need your phone's serial number (S/N) This may be, inside your phone, under the battery.
    B) My Palm Centro, which is somewhat different than most cell phones had a so-called "MEID Number" that was needed, This was also under the battery, along with the (S/N). but as I remember, this number had no separate identification as is the case for a S/N.
    C) When ready to "activate", have the phone you want to activate on PP, by you for the following. Also good idea to have it's battery fully charged!!
    D) On another (different) phone, call PP's general Customer Service Number => 800 550 2436.
    E) Tell the person you want to activate a cell phone.
    D) This is also a good time to ask questions request needed information.
    F) The person will ask you for the above mentioned numbers.
    G)Then, the person will somehow, call your phone to see if is OK for PP, and then do some more needed steps.
    H) On my Palm Centro, which is somewhat different than most, a so-called "MEID Number" was needed, and it took some time for me to find it, but that was no problem for the person at PP.
    I) Also, as I remember, there was some other small problem that came up. But my punching various buttons, or just wait .... and this problem went away.
    J) The person will place in your calling Card account, something like 3 minutes, and tell you your new phone number, which you should write it down.
    K) Then the person will ask you to call some friend, to see if your cell phone is working OK.
    L) Now that you know your phone is activated and working OK, you have approx 30 days to purchase minutes for it. These are the steps below.


    More information:
    You should know that you can purchase nearly any of Page Plus Cellular "Plans" at selected Gas Stations, Walmart, etc, in your area. But the PP Prepaid Cell Phone $80 card (this is four cents/min & good for 1 year), is seemingly only available over the Internet!
    Their are many Internet places to do this, but CallingMart offers ~3-5% "Discount Coupons", often over a FaceBook WebPage on or around a major US holiday, which you can Google for. The "Coupon", is simply a Number, that you Copy&Paste into a coupon box (blank data field), when you purchase thru the CallingMart WebPage.
    Instant Delivery Guaranteed.** Purchase your PIN online and get it instantly as soon as you complete the order, don't even wait for the email! You may view your PIN after your have clicked "Pay Now" in PayPal. If for any reason you didn't get the instant PIN online, or the email was delayed up to 15 minutes from the time order was submitted, CallingMart will issue extra 3% of total purchases back to the credit card used in the purchase. Orders held for manual verification have some restrictions.

    which is one of the lower cost Internet "dealers" and one I recommend:
    A) Go to this "Dealers" Home Page >
    B) Choose Carriers/Plans for the "Calling Card" you want: Here you will find practically any Carrier/Plan, that is in existence!!! But the one I most certainly suggest & recommend is the choice = "Page Plus Cellular Prepaid Wireless Minutes Refill", which will be your initial Sign-up purchase.

    1- Select a card and $ amount you want to sigh up for.
    1a. Click on Details Box for full listing of PP PrePaid Cards & all the "fine print", re anything you could want to know.
    2- Click Add to Cart
    3- You may ignore the place to " Select country for best rates search " Which is lower on the page. Also you may ignore the selection of a new phone at bottom.
    4- Write down the "pin number" you are given. This important to have this number for "activation" step below. (This number may be needed if problems happen later, so I suggest you C&P this number into your computer records where you keep User Names and Pass Words. Then have this number with you if you travel. (I had big problem,mentioned above, with T-Mobile b/c I was away from home without this number.)
    5-The next step is to get this pin number into your cell phone (or a PP WebPage?). I don't remember what I did, but the steps must have been clearly given at the time. Otherwise I would remember them.
    6- Optional You may set up an account with PP, that will give you a history record of all your purchases and your current remaining $ on any of several phones you have on PP. Here is where you fill out blanks to set-up a PP Account
    Be sure to keep record of the User Name and Pass Word that you typed in.

    To see your account information, hold mouse over "My Account" at upper right of screen at This will give you the boxes into which to type your User Name and Password.
    Here is what information you can see, once you have logged into your account:
    My Account Summary
    Order History
    Add minutes now
    Auto Pay
    Call Records [
    Manage Phone Features
    Replenishment History
    Add/Remove/Edit phone
    Manage Contact info
    Update password

    To get a REFILL Here are the Page Plus Cellular Prepaid Minutes Refill Instructions (Have Credit Card #) But to get any discount, use your account with

    1. Press #REP (#737) from your mobile phone and follow the prompts
    2. Or, dial 1-877-359-6695 from your landline

    In addition to the above, I have (since ~ 1990) used various PrePaid Phone Cards for Long Distance over regular old- fashioned Land Lines. In the process I have discovered some "Calling Cards" that have Nation-Wide Long Distance for as low as ~2. cents/min. These also have very good rates for International calls, anywhere in the world!!While looking into these "Cards", and using them, I have accumulated some experience with how to best:

    1) Find the lower cost services in various cities and towns, plus
    2) Use these long distance systems.

    All this is in an email, which I can send. Just ask.

    If any of the above looks wrong or is not clear, please tell me by return email.

    Sincerely Henry Gurr .... & Happy Calling to you all!!

    My next post, below, tells of $20 / month smart phone you need to know about!!!

    To contact me, Google Professor Henry Gurr
    To see my photos, Google Robert Pirsig Photos.
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    How to use cell phones on WiFi, and accordingly, resulting much lower cost.

    This information that may be of interest to persons who like smart phones, especially Android ones. Link =

    Chris Kois, on his blog page, says (link next above) says:

    "Back to my original issue, for now I'm confined to using 2 separate devices for this A) WIFI/Smartphone functions and B) cellular phone services. .... Interestingly enough, from doing research on this topic, it appears I'm not the only one looking for this functionality in a single device. Which goes into another theory of mine, eventually data plans will become obsolete because there will be WIFI hotspots everywhere. ... "

    Mr Kois, is clearly troubled that he can't find both services on ONE device, ]And Mr Kois is entirely correct to be bothered, since ONE device should be able to do both!! If you also ... then read on

    *** NEWS FLASH ***
    To find it, just Google Republic Wireless !!!

    You will find much excited discussion!!! One of the links Google finds says says link = is offering what you are looking for!! And, in addition to Republic's many mentioned new innovative service, you will learn they cost considerably less than Page Plus, which is already the best, or among the best!! The reason for this is in the quote below: It is the fact that when you are using the cell phone supplied by , you are most of the time on WiFi.
    And as you know, WiFi costs near zero additional cost for you or for Republic!! And in addition, for nearly all the remote functions on your SmartPhone, you get the vastly higher speed of WiFi (whichis mostly always accessible), rather than the much lower speed of a costly cell phone tower!! Here is a quote from the link below:
    "To help minimize costs, Republic Wireless relies on
    Hybrid Calling technology, meaning your phone
    automatically taps Wi-Fi networks--rather than cellular
    ones--whenever possible. No Wi-Fi? No problem. You'll
    still get plain old cell service (via Sprint), but if
    your non-Wi-Fi usage gets too high, the company might'
    [after warnings, cut you off.]

    Link =$19-per-month/

    Well this is all I can think of. Please let me know of any needed
    improvements or good additional info you have to suggest.

    Sincerely (And find my contact info by Google

    Professor Henry Gurr

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