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    Everytime I hotsync my Treo 300 with HandSpring's version of Palm 4.0 on my OS 9.2.2 Mac, I get an onscreen message that it is "installing Installer 3.5.3" and then at the end of the Hotsync I get a message on my Treo telling me that the Installer is incompatible with this device and asking me to delete it, which I dutifully do, but I have to go through this all over again each and everytime I hotsync!

    What is this curse?

    Can it be cured or exorcised?

    Why does it keep reinstalling Installer 3.5.3 and why do I have to keep deleting it?


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    Look under the Palm directory in a folder that is the samename as your hotsync name. Beneath that folder are two others,backup and install. The 3.5.3 installer app is probably in one of them, simply delete it and hotsync again.
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    Thanks for your suggestion, but I am unable to find any file with this name or even anything close, which I could delete.

    Any other ideas?


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    I was having the exact same problem when syncing with my OS X TiBook. As recommended by te previous post, delete that file. I recommend using Sherlock to search your computer. you'll probably find it both in your install and backup folders.
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    I've had the same problem. I used Sherlock to find it on my 10.1.5 Mac and the only place it seemed to exist was a backup folder. I deleted it on my Mac, deleted it on the Treo, and the @#$!@# program popped back up during the next HotSync. its almost like it is hidden inside HandSpring's version of Palm Desktop 4...
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    Thanks to the encouragement rec'd here, I finally found the culprit, and exorcised it!

    A search under "installer" did not disclose it.

    A search under "3.5.3" did not disclose it.

    The d__n file was named "upd353.prc" and was in a folder entitled: "Palm OS Updates" - some update!

    I trashed it and subsequent hotsyncs now go smoothly without installing and deleting the cursed Installer 3.5.3!


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    FYI - The version of PD 4.0 from Handspring does not have this annoying file problem - the updater that the Palm version installs only applies to Palm Inc devices.

    Downoad from here (make sure you choose Treo 300 as product)

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